Welcome to the 2nd in the Uso no Sensou reaction series! This will cover the… 2nd episode! Or NO THEY DIDN’T episode.

Spoilers all around for up to the 2nd episode of Uso no Sensou.

This reaction series isn’t meant to be a episode summary, but rather ranting and raving about parts of the episode I enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy.)

Vengeance of the Week – Koichi Ichionose vs Lawyer Rokutanda

Yeah, this is totally like a ‘Monster of the Week’. Who will Koichi take down this time!?

It was a lawyer, who he remembered as the newspaper boy from when he was a kid. Turns out the kid said he’d heard Koichi’s father apologizing before killing his family (and then himself.) In exchange for his lying for Nishina papa, now 30 years later, he’s a fancy lawyer with fancy clothes and lots of monies.

Rokutanda is just obsessed with money and he’ll never have enough, so he does some shady side business for more money. Blah blah. His downfall wasn’t anything exciting, but hey, I’m glad he’s done for.

But for a revenge drama, the juicy revenge is what’s to come for the Nishina family, not these little villains of the week.

Favorite Bits

Akira and Kaede waiting by Koichi’s side

Both Akira and Kaede waiting by Koichi’s side in the hospital? Like uh… That was totally too cute.

Akira and Kaede waiting in the hospital for Koichi to wake up.
Akira and Kaede waiting in the hospital for Koichi to wake up.

Way too cute. Also the moment I realized that the love triangle I wanted was Kaede and Akira fighting over Koichi. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Takashi vs Koichi in the Hospital

Koichi acting all innocent
Koichi acting all innocent
Takashi being a jerk
Takashi being a jerk

I do not know why I like this scene. Takashi shows what kind of special jerk he is by visiting Koichi in the hospital after visiting hours and grilling him on how he met his brother and sister and his background. Oh, and he’s also pretty damn rude about Koichi getting injured saving their dad.

Takashi is rightfully suspicious of Koichi, but is still… a jerk. I don’t like him. But I like this scene because it sets him up as such a jerk antagonist to our Koichi.

Plus, it gives Kaede a chance to stand up for her patient and kick out her big brother.

Proof of Nishina’s Involvement

Koichi gets proof of Nishina papa ordering the murder of his father. Hearing this, he flips.

What I enjoyed about this scene wasn’t so much Koichi’s reaction of tears and anger and pounding against a wall (which was hammy), but everything once Haruka entered.

Koichi after getting confirmation Kozo Nishina is the man who ordered the murder of his father
Koichi after getting confirmation Kozo Nishina is the man who ordered the murder of his father
Haruka interrupting Koichi's outburst of anger
Haruka after interrupting Koichi’s outburst of anger







The scene has Koichi pulling away from Haruka as she tries to get him to stop his aggressively pounding against that innocent wall. I thought it was going to go into “he’s so angry he aggressively pushes her away and hurts her”, but it didn’t.

But at the same time, you could easily have seen how it could’ve gone that way because Koichi is that angry and hurt.

I think what made the scene was just the pause after Haruka manages to get Koichi to stop pounding against the wall. Haruka can see that hurt but is worried more than fearful of him. This is not a guy she’s ever seen and just asks him what’s wrong.

really like this scene. Haha. Until it is ruined by Tsuyoshi’s awkward running escape out of the small office where there’s really no room to run.

Telling Haruka the Truth & Haruka Suggesting Marrying In

I like this segment of the episode more for the lines than anything else.

After Koichi’s outburst, he runs off and Haruka stalks him to talk.

Haruka: Is it true? What you said about revenge for your family 30 years ago?
Koichi: How many times did I say, “I’m telling the truth”?

loved Koichi’s line there.

And then when Haruka suggests, fully joking, that Koichi can get close to Nishina papa by becoming his son-in-law by using Kaede. And Koichi pretty much says he won’t rule it out.



Which leads us to……..


The post title of NO THEY DIDN’T is totally based on this final scene.


Beautiful night with bridge light up in the background…

Kaede says goodbye to Koichi.

Kaede walks away.

Koichi grabs her arm.


No. It can’t be a walk-away-and-arm-grab-and-pull-back-for-a-kiss scene!!!

I was legit screaming while watching this moment because. NO WAY.

  1. It’s the second episode. There is no kissing in the second episode! Kisses are reserved for an awkward final 10 seconds of an entire drama series! Not the second episode!
  2. It’s freaking Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. He doesn’t get to kiss anyone! Okay not true, but def never this early in a series.

I mean, sure it’s a boring kiss. BUT HE KISSED HER.


That’s messed up.

What were they thinking?

Koichi breaking into Rokutanda’s office

Koichi breaks into Rokutanda’s office and… well. He ransacks the place and is about to get caught by Rokutanda. How does Koichi get out of this? He sets off the fire alarm.

Rokutanda knows someone was just there (and is likely still there!!!) and instead of ignoring the fire alarm that was purposely set off so the intruder can escape… He just flees out of the building.

Really???? Ugh.

Final Thoughts & Rating

4/5 macaws. I almost wanted to rate this the full 5 for a kiss in the 2nd episode (and the circumstances around it)! But Rokutanda wasn’t that great even though he did give us proof of Nishina papa’s involvement. That all being said, Takashi is a special kind of asshole antagonist and Koichi’s reaction to finally getting proof of his family’s murder made this a strong episode.

Oh, and that freaking kiss after Haruka jokes that Koichi can get close to the Nishinas by marrying Kaede. Damn, Koichi. Damn.

Okay. That final scene alone gets 5 macaws.

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