Tsuyoshi living in South Korea!….for a documentary!

Tsuyoshi has been staying in a small apartment in South Korea for NHK’s “News na machi ni sundemita!” It’ll air on NHK, March 29th from 10-10:50 PM.

Continue reading for more details and Instagram spam from people Tsuyoshi has been spending time with.

(c) NHK

The program is a documentary about trying to live in a country in a world where every day becomes news. This time, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi rents a small apartment and tries living in Seoul, South Korea. The broadcast journalist, Hideo Yanagisawa, accompanies him.

Through the caring viewpoint of those who live there, the two shop at a walkable-alleyway grocery store, and enjoy taking in the atmosphere of the town. By chance, they also meet with shiryanmin, people who were once primarily living in North Korea, and come to understand some people’s true feelings about North Korea.

At the end of his trip, Tsuyoshi will share in song what he gained from his stay.

(c) NHK  


Instagram Photo Roundup

Once Shingo and Goro pulled the prank on Tsuyoshi in South Korea for Shingo’s birthday, those who’d been working with Tsuyoshi in South Korea started posting photos on Instagram. Here’s some that fellow Tsuyoshi fans were able to find.



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