Tsuyoshi Kusanagi stars in File 06 of NHK’s Mikaiketsu Jiken!

Tsuyoshi has landed his first drama role on a broadcast network since leaving his former company! It’s episode 6 of NHK’s Unsolved Cases (Mikaiketsu Jiken). The show focuses on re-enactments of past, unsolved crimes. Tsuyoshi has previously served as the navigator for the show, but this year he’s taking on the lead role in a re-enactment itself!

The unsolved case is for the murder of an Asahi Shimbun journalist, who was allegedly murdered in May 1987 by the Japanese right-wing extremist group, Sekihoutai. Tsuyoshi plays a reporter himself covering the case.

The episode airs on January 27, 2018, from 7:30-8:43 pm, with a follow-up documentary (without Tsuyoshi) on the 28th.

Comment from Tsuyoshi

I’ve worked as the navigator for the “Pursuit Project” on unsolved cases, but this time I’m excited to appear in a re-enactment drama. When the Hanshin Office incident occurred, I was in middle school. I didn’t know the details about the incident, but the more I learned, the more I thought about what can be freely spoken in a free society. As a person living in society, it would be great if I can make this a starting point for everyone to think about [that freedom] just a little.

Personal Thoughts

Tsuyoshi had been keeping quiet about a project he’s been working on, and it must’ve been this! It’s a drama appearance on a terrestrial broadcast network! 💃💃 While I was hoping he’d been filming for an online drama series itself, an hour special on TV is not something I imagined happening at all, so I’m really glad. I’m very much looking forward to it!

Love you, actor Tsuyoshi! 😘

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