Top 10 Moments of 72 Song Medley during 72-Hour Honne TV

There are a TON of awesome moments during the 72 song finale. I really can’t name a favorite, so here’s a top 10 selection of the moment. I say of the moment because I know that as soon I watch again something else will come up that I absolutely adore. 😅

Setlist Selection

So maybe this isn’t a moment, but it led to some great moments. They picked out what is probably the ultimate karaoke list that most of the audience could recognize and sing. I’m sure it made it easier for them to perform, but it also made it for a performance fans could participate in and enjoy.

Whatever your age or background, if you were ever into Japanese pop music culture, there were some hits you knew. Everyone will have a favorite out of the setlist alone. There are multiple songs that I enjoyed because of the song itself, but since that’d take up the entire top 10 list, I won’t select them individually. But seriously, this was a great setlist.

Tsuyoshi + Guitar

What kind of Tsuyoshi fan would I be if I didn’t mention this as a top moment? Tsuyoshi busted out his guitar for a handful of songs, playing and singing on each of the three stages so all fans there had a chance to see him. 💛

I’ve watched him start playing guitar on Pussuma a couple years ago, saw him live in Tokyo Dome performing Aiiro no Gang, and watched his progress over the years. He loves playing guitar, and he wasn’t getting any opportunities to perform for fans, so I’m so glad he was able to do this. He’s come a long way, and his passion always shines through.

Handsy Shingo

Fans got a lot more handsy than I’m used to seeing them. Or maybe we’ve always been that way? Haha. But one girl was messing with Shingo’s hair, and he did the same back.

Suspended Ceiling Skit is Alive

One of the memorable moments of the show was the birth of the “suspended ceiling” skit.

Since he came in last place during sports day, Goro had the task of doing a suspended ceiling. He continued it later the day with an impromptu skit with Tsuyoshi and Shingo while they were nervously awaiting Mori’s race. Well, that wasn’t the last time we saw it. During the 49th song, ultra soul, Shingo did his own suspended ceiling, to which Goro tried to stop him because it’s his.

Of course, Goro tried himself and wasn’t the most successful this go around.

It was great.

Explicit Fan Service

During the 16th song, Lovely, Shingo and Goro played up the fanservice hard.

You warm hands touch me
Your warm hands touch me

Of course, with the 20th song, Aishiteru (I love you), Tsuyoshi’s lyrics were changed to:

Forever I’ll love you, I’ll love you, Goro-san
Forever my heart will be calling for you, calling for you, Shingo
I’ll be watching you all, I’ll be watching everyone
I understand everything about you all

Tsuyoshi singing Aishiteru with lyrics changed to be about Shingo, Goro, and fans
I love Goro-chan, Shingo and everyone

With “everyone” he gestured to the fans. D’awww. ☺

False Starts

Considering they weren’t performing their songs and had the one rehearsal just before the 72-hour broadcast, it isn’t a surprise there were some mistakes in a 72-song medley live.

My favorite false start was with the 15th song, Thrill. Tsuyoshi jumps the gun, and it’s so freaking adorable.

Song 21, Silent Majority, Shingo jumps the gun too. Also very cute when the other guys look at him.

Mori Montage

During the 70th song, Ue wo muite arukou, the staff pulled together a montage of the guys meeting up with Mori.

No more needs to be said. I lost it. 😭


Okay, I lied earlier when I said that I wouldn’t pick individual songs and just let the setlist selection be its own moment.

But the final song, 72, deserves its own moment. It’s not only the theme song to the wonderful 72-hour Honne TV, but it was also written for them by someone who has written for them before. It perfectly bookends the show, with the opening being the three of them in the studio singing it for us and the finale having them perform it live for us.

Hearing the chorus with the three of them together right at the beginning of the 72-hour marathon, I screamed. It was a moment I gave up on believing we’d get back. Even if they aren’t going to form a new unit, they still performed a song that was written just for them, just for us.

First Entrance onto Each Stage

They performed across three different stages. Fans went extra crazy for each first appearance. Can’t blame them. It was a moment we’d all been dreaming of, and it finally happened.

If I had to pick just ONE favorite entrance, it’d be Goro’s  entry during the 10th song, WOW WAR TONIGHT.

Goro's Entrance to the 360 Stage
Goro’s Entrance to the 360 Stage

Goro’s Tears

After the performance, messages from the guests and fans aired. A message from Mori was the last one, causing the guys to get all choked up. Shingo let the tears fall with a smile on his face. Tsuyoshi held back, avoiding thanking Shingo and Goro because he’d cry if he did. Goro just broke down. Fans who have been fans longer than I have said this is a side of Goro they’ve never seen.

Goro-chan, it’s okay. You were in good company. It was overwhelming for all of us. We all have our mixed feelings and shed tears ourselves. Thank you.💗

Final Thoughts

So those are some top moments of the live. There are a lot more great moments like the guys finally doing Koi dance (was wanting that on SMAPxSMAP forever!), but I’d never finished writing this if I didn’t stick to just 10.

The guys were brave to do a 72 song medley of songs that aren’t their own. Even if they legally are bound not to sing SMAP songs anymore, or they don’t want to without missing members, they didn’t forget their start and put on an excellent performance for fans. It wouldn’t be hard to argue against their questionable vocal ability, but it’d be hard to argue they can’t entertain.

That’s what they did. Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo entertained fans. They moved us. I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear them together until this happened. I guess they understand fans better than we do ourselves sometimes. 💕

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