The JDrama Experiment – Winter 2013 Hopefuls

Revisiting the JDrama Experiment – I’m hoping this year will be easier to keep up with since I can actually watch Japanese TV.

Since the drama season has already started, I’ve had the chance to form some initial opinions on some of the shows, but that will come later. We’ll start with all the dramas that look interesting this season.

So, which dramas will I be checking out from the Winter 2013 season!?

  • itsuka hi no ataru basho de (Tuesday – NHK)
  • share house no koibito (Wednesday – NTV)
  • saikou no rikon (Thursday – Fuji TV)
  • Nobunaga no chef (Friday – TV Asahi)
  • nakuna, haru-chan (Saturday – NTV)
  • Karamazov no kyodai (Saturday – Fuji TV)
  • shinryochu (Saturday – NTV)
  • Yae no Sakura (Sunday – NHK)
  • dinner (Sunday – Fuji TV)
  • tonbi (Sunday – TBS)

itsuka hi no ataru basho de (d-addicts summary)

Why I wanna watch? Two female leads. Both characters met in jail and are now trying to rebuild their lives. One took the fall for her boyfriend, the other killed her husband… I need no more than that to tune in!

share house no koibito (d-addicts summary)

Why I wanna watch? Three strangers sharing a house… but a love triangle with two male characters? In a Japanese drama? I’m curious to see how this plays out.

saikou no rikon (d-addicts summary)

Why I wanna watch? Another slice of (divorcee? married?) life. I was told this drama should be good, so I’m going to give it a shot. Not something I’d normally watch, but hopefully it’s good.

Nobunaga no chef (d-addicts summary)

Why I wanna watch?  A chef from present day goes back in time to the Warring States period. Time slip. Yup. That’s all I need to watch a drama.

nakuna, haru-chan (d-addicts summary)

Why I wanna watch? So… this girl draws manga and her character comes to life. It’s Tomoya Nagase – it’s going to be crazy stupid fun.

Karamazov no kyodai (Saturday – Fuji TV) (d-addicts summary)

Why I wanna watch? Something about these three brother’s whose hated father is found murdered… But if you look at the picture on the d-addicts wiki… The guy in the middle (Hayato Ichihara) is hot. That’s why I’m watching.

shinryochu (Saturday – NTV) (d-addicts summary)

Why I wanna watch? Goro Inagaki is the lead… So I’m purely giving it a shot because of that.

Yae no Sakura (Sunday – NHK) (d-addicts summary)

Why I wanna watch? Period piece. Kickass female character. I’m in.

dinner (Sunday – Fuji TV) (d-addicts summary)

Why I wanna watch? The promo picture looks super cool…. That’s really the only reason I’m going to watch, since I’m pretty indifferent to restaurant/cooking dramas.

tonbi (Sunday – TBS) (d-addicts summary)

Why I wanna watch? Single father raising his son. I’m a sucker for single parent stuff, but the real reason I’m going to watch this is because I kept seeing the commercial for this drama every single time I tuned into anything on TBS. Commercials do work I guess.

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