The JDrama Experiment – Winter 2013 First Impressions

I’ve been trying to type up episode reviews for all the dramas I’m watching… It’s not happening. Too time consuming at this point… So I’ll just have to go with short first impressions for this season’s watch list.

  • Nobunaga no chef (Friday – TV Asahi)
  • nakuna, haru-chan (Saturday – NTV)
  • share house no koibito (Wednesday – NTV)

Nobunaga no Chef
A kid time slips to the past where he becomes Oda Nobunaga’s chef. Oh, and the kid is a genius chef that lost his memory, but he still knows he’s from the future.

It’s a really silly drama. Way too much for my tastes. The lead female character is pretending to be a man so that she can be a blacksmith, yet it’s way too obvious that she’s a she. But let’s ignore that since it fits with the whole over the top comedy thing. The whole premise could be interesting, but it’s a comedy that isn’t too my tastes. I’m a sucker for man out of time stories, I really am, and I was going to give this another episode or two… But there’s other dramas I can be watching, so I’m not going to waste anymore time with this one.

Nakuna, Hara-chan
Echizen uses creating manga as a creative outlet. She takes out her anger on the characters in her manga, they are getting a bit worried about it. Hara-chan travels to the real world hoping to make her happy so he can save his world.

It’s cute without being too silly. Well, it’s silly… since Hara-chan is more out of world, so everything is new, like dogs and cars. I can see that getting a big old, but Tomoya Nagase is good at playing over the top characters and it hasn’t gotten old yet. Plus, he’s totally falling in love with Echizen and it’s adorable. Will keep watching for sure.

Share House no Koibito
Shio lives a lonely life. She falls in love with a man at a convenient store (Sakurai) and meets a crazy naked man (alien?) on a beach (Tappei). Fate brings them together to live in the same share house, Shio in love with Sakurai, Tappei in love in Shio, and Sakurai in love with Tappei, Love triangle with a gay twist? Let’s see if that lasts.

The first episode was pretty boring, but I guess that’s supposed to reflect Shio’s boring life. But the characters have all grown on me throughout the episodes. All the characters as individuals are nothing special, but together it works. I’m wanting to see the friendship between these characters develop. I can’t see any of the characters ending up with one another, but I hope they all become BFFs and forge their own happy lives. Or a ménage à trois. I’d take that too. This is a drama I watch as soon as I can.

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