The JDrama Experiment – Spring 2013 – Kasuka na Kanojo #1

So, typical school drama but with a teacher who can see ghosts! Teacher is played by Shingo Katori of SMAP (yes, I will not accept someone in a group called Sexy Zone, but I’ll accept SMAP, so sue me.)

Initial Impression – Typical heartwarming school drama. (With ghosts.) I’ll watch again next week.

I don’t really know how to sum this up other than… school drama + with ghosts. Main character, Akira Kamiyama, appears to have seen ghosts since like, forever, and talks to them like a crazy person does and knows exactly how to handle the ghost that haunts his apartment. He’s a cynical teacher – not the type that believes he can help every student. Which is refreshing. (Of course, he obviously didn’t start out that way – so… details! details!)

Of course, the ghost that haunts his apartment used to be a teacher when she was alive, and she’s going to change his uncaring ways. Rather quickly too, because by the end of the first episode he helps one of the students who has been skipping school.

The best parts are when Akira deals with ghosts – whether it’s just talking to them (which appears like he’s talking to himself), and totally not being phased by the ghost haunting his room – he’s just like, this is my room, you can stay here, but if you get out of line, I’ll take care of things.  So he can handle ghosts. Nice.

Oh, and there are other characters. The vice principal is badass. And you have the usually selection of students (the bratty one, the cool one, the weird one that can see ghosts).

It looks like it’ll end up being the typical – teacher helps students with their problems – and everyone gets warm fuzzy feelings.

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