The JDrama Experiment – Spring 2013 – Detarame Hero #1

So Spring drama season has begun! First one out of the gate: Detarame Hero! Airs Thursday’s on NTV.

Initial impression – Silly drama about freeter who ends up with candy that changes him into a superhero for 10 minutes! Will watch again – but I imagine it’ll get stupid quick.

Super quick summary:

This one is pretty funny in the stupid humor sort of way. Main character is Kenta, a freeter who is in debt with with yakuza… Also a total jerk. Some kid shows up on his doorstep – turns out to be his nephew because his sister died. He lets the kid stay with him because he has money (which he promptly takes and instead of paying his debt – loses it all betting on the races.) He also steals fruit drop candy from the kid (which the kid’s mom/Kenta’s sister told the kid to protect!). Turns out these fruit drops give Kenta incredibly amazing strength/speed/etc powers for 10 minutes. He uses his powers to save a hostage at a local store (of course, he was only pressured into doing this by his friend who is a cop.) The hostage is the love interest (typical) and falls in love with Kenta.

Oh yeah, Kenta is dressed up in this crazy getup so his identity won’t be discovered. If the chick knew he was the jerk from earlier (they previously met), then I doubt she’d be so head over heels.

Oh, and people are looking for the kid (I obviously can’t remember his name), dun dun dun!

Okay, so that was just really a quick summary of the episode. I’ll put it on the watch list for now.

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