The JDrama Experiment – Spring 2013 – Bad Boys J #1

Okay, I don’t know what possessed me to watch this. I can’t take any guy who is a member of a group called Sexy Zone seriously, especially if half (or most? or all?) the guys aren’t even legal, but in my defense it was only 20 minutes?

Initial Impression – Um. So. No. It isn’t as bad as you would possibly think, but it isn’t exactly good. No plans to keep watching it.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be. Besides unrealistic gang fighting (which you can’t really expect to be realistic), it was a solid – look at the pretty boys – drama. Solid as in, that’s really all you can expect from it, and it has pretty boys in it, so it accomplishes what it was meant to accomplish.

Oh, but plot? Story? Uh.. There’s a big gang fight, looks like three gangs teamed up, but why? How? I guess that’s what this drama is going to show us.

Some kid comes along, a transfer student, unassuming and everything, has a crush on this girl, but gang leader is after her. Somewhere along the line, the 2IC of the gang and his gang buddies hang out with the unassuming transfer student (because that makes total sense) and even open up to him about the gang’s history and why the 2IC is 2IC and the burden of blah blah blah.

What? Of course gang members would tell everything to a complete stranger. Especially one as lame as this kid.

Any ways, this kid wants to protect the girl he is crushing on, and ends up taking on the gang leader. He gets owned at first, then kicks total butt. (So the transfer student kid better have been part of a gang back in his old town or something.) Oh, and unlike Detarame Hero – the girl doesn’t fall for the guy who saved her (yes!!). And in this whole process he pretty much usurps the position of leader. Of course he does.

Will I watch next week? Probably not. I like my gangster dramas to have guys who are closer to looking like men than women, but if you like pretty boys are your thing…

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