Tsuyoshi Hugs from Uso no Sensou!

The feature I most look forward to in drama box sets for Tsuyoshi are the ‘crank up’ special features! Crank up means filming has finished, flowers are given to the actors, and Tsuyoshi usually hugs his co-stars. He totally looks like he’s a good hugger! Sadly, Tsuyoshi wasn’t around for the final scenes for a […]

Uso no Sensou #2 Reaction – No They Didn’t!!

Welcome to the 2nd in the Uso no Sensou reaction series! This will cover the… 2nd episode! Or NO THEY DIDN’T episode. Spoilers¬†all around for up to the 2nd episode of Uso no Sensou. This reaction series isn’t meant to be a episode summary, but rather ranting and raving about parts of the episode I […]

Uso no Sensou #1 Reaction – The Lie That Started It All

January 10th brought the start of the much anticipated winter drama – Uso no Sensou! I’m not sure why others were looking forward to it, but I was ready for Tsuyoshi Kusanagi to be on my screen! I always have¬†high hopes for dramas. I get super invested and want the best and usually get let […]