Nov 19 SNS Roundup – Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning

Trying to go back and catch the days I’ve missed for the SNS roundups. Here are all the tweets for Nov 19th, prior to the special live tweeting frenzy during 7.2 Hour Honne TV. Even if you exclude all of the tweets during the live tweet storm, the 19th is probably one the guys’ most […]

Nov 20 SNS Roundup – Tweet Storm Aftermath

Oh boy. In case anyone missed it, Tsuyoshi went Twitter crazy yesterday with live tweeting during the 7.2 Hour Honne TV rebroadcast special. Now he has to live with the aftermath of embarrassment, Shingo’s anger, and Goro’s amusement.

SNS Roundup Special – It’s Showtime! 7.2 Hr Honne TV Live Tweeting

This roundup is specifically covering the series of SNS posts the guys made during the special 7.2 Hour Honne TV reairing. Yes. They were live blogging during their own show. Life is great!