Atarashii Chizu, A Year Later

The Launch of Atarashii Chizu On September 22, 2017, an ad appeared in the nation-wide Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun and in Tokyo Shimbun. It was a simple ad that spanned across two full pages. The focal point being a reversed compass rose and the Japanese for new map (atarashii chizu in Japanese) in the bottom […]

ParaSports Donation & 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Goodwill Ambassadors

On July 8th at Tokyo-Daiba Nippon Foundation Para-Arena, Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo presented the donation from the sales of the ParaSports charity support song, Ame Agari no Step (in English: A Step after the Rain.) The sales were from the digital release on sale from March 19 through June 30th. The song was downloaded 99594 times, and […]

Shingo Katori as BMW Brand Friend

On April 16th, the sale of BMW’s new model SAV X2 began in Japan. At the product launch, Shingo Katori was a surprise guest and inaugurated to be BMW’s Brand Friend. The meaning of the X2 UNFOLLOW concept is to “always carve out your own path.” By leaving his former talent agency and going independent, Shingo […]

Ameagari no Step — ParaSports Charity Song

Today, March 19th, is the digital release of Ameagari no Step, the ParaSports support charity song by Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo. I only typed out their names because of their insistence that they aren’t a group. All proceeds will go to the Nippon Foundation Paralympics support center charity. This is 231 yen from every 250 yen sale, […]

Shelved Monster Strike CM. Successful Suntory CM.

I told myself I would avoid more of the gossipy articles, but there’s no denying they’ve been a huge part of being a SMAP fan since the disbanding uproar in 2016. Shelved Monster Strike CM for Tsuyoshi Shinchou Weekly originally reported Tsuyoshi Kusanagi had a commercial for the popular game, Monster Strike. The CM was […]

JUNON Welcomes Back Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo !

Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo are featured on the cover of the April issue of JUNON, on sale February 23! It’s been 16 years since they were in the magazine and as a “welcome back” plan, JUNON is featuring them in a 12-page long volume! Topics include the launch of “Atarashii Chizu” in September, their appearance […]

BALLYTURK – Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s Latest Play

On February 7, it was announced that Tsuyoshi will finally be appearing in a play after 3 years. Over the last two or so years, in his monthly magazine column, Okiraku, Tsuyoshi has been very open about his desire for more work, and a play in particular. I’m so happy that it’s finally happening.

Tsuyoshi living in South Korea!….for a documentary!

Tsuyoshi has been staying in a small apartment in South Korea for NHK’s “News na machi ni sundemita!” It’ll air on NHK, March 29th from 10-10:50 PM. Continue reading for more details and Instagram spam from people Tsuyoshi has been spending time with.

Shingo Katori Interview in Weekly Bunshun

In the January 11th Weekly Bunshun, Shingo sat down and gave an interview to “the father of the entertainment industry,” Kinichi Hagimoto, or Kin-chan. Shingo talks about how he felt joining the entertainment industry so young, his relationship with the other SMAP members, up through the decision to start anew in 2017.