ShinTsuyo Power Splash 12/3 Highlights

Another Sunday, another ShinTsuyo POWER SPLASH! For as high energy as Tsuyoshi started, it was actually a really mundane night of vacuums and nuts and sexy vintage denim. Well, it was only sexy to Tsuyoshi. He got a bit too¬†excited about that…

Editor-in-Chief Goro Inagaki live radio broadcast! 12/17

After listening to fans saying “half an hour is too short” and “I want a live broadcast,” there will be a one hour, live special broadcast of Goro’s radio show, Editor-in-Chief Goro Inagaki! The special live hour show will be broadcast on Bunka Housou in Tokyo on December 17, 15:00-16:00 JST. Shingo and Goro have […]