SNS Roundup Special – It’s Showtime! 7.2 Hr Honne TV Live Tweeting

This roundup is specifically covering the series of SNS posts the guys made during the special 7.2 Hour Honne TV reairing. Yes. They were live blogging during their own show. Life is great!

Top 10 Moments of 72 Song Medley during 72-Hour Honne TV

There are a TON of awesome moments during the 72 song finale. I really can’t name a favorite, so here’s a top 10 selection of the moment. I say of the moment because I know that as soon I watch again something else will come up that I absolutely adore. 😅

72-Hour Honne TV – 72 Song Medley Finale

While the finale could do nothing to top the reunion with Mori (former member turned motorcycle racer in 1996), Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo went all out for the finale: a 72 song medley. Tsuyoshi said this: “since we have no songs, we’ll borrow the songs of other artists.” It’s not surprising they can’t sing SMAP […]

72-Hour Honne TV – Guests

I spent the last few days watching and digesting 72-hour Honne TV. Now it’s reliving it and going through it over and over again. More information will be coming as I have time to write it up, but for now here’s a list of the main guests. Main Guests Bakusho Mondai Tooru Hashimoto Kimiko Date […]