SNS Roundup Special – It’s Showtime! 7.2 Hr Honne TV Live Tweeting

This roundup is specifically covering the series of SNS posts the guys made during the special 7.2 Hour Honne TV reairing.

Yes. They were live blogging during their own show. Life is great!

Note: I don’t think I properly put all of the (mostly Tsuyoshi’s) emojis in the translations. Make sure to look at the original tweet to not miss out on the impact of the tweets.

And there’s a LOT here. Tsuyoshi went particularly crazy on Twitter and it was a lot of fun. I tried to get everything translated, even though there was some stuff I didn’t understand (but it looks like fans didn’t either in some cases.) I tried my best though, but… man, Tsuyoshi really kept going at it looks like he got pretty drunk by the end, so it was hard. LOL


And if you have a Japanese VPN, the full thing is still up at


72 Hour Honne TV [Watch All Unaired Scenes & Trending Moments 7.2 Hour SP] begins at 5PM.
Please watch!
Let’s enjoy it together(^ ^)
[Photos of photo album]
The album we received together from the loving staff

72 Hour Honne TV Rebroadcast and Unaired Footage
It’s starting!
It’s showtime!
#72 Hour Honne TV Rebroadcast Unaired Footage
#Please Let’s Do Something Fun Again President Fujita

Seriously! Starting with Mori-kun!
Don’t cry already!

I was sleepy, but the air was clear and felt refreshing!

Enroute, I was practicing the Ameba song

Note: Yes, he mispelt Ameba. It should’ve been Abema.

Because of Yazawa Eikichi’s message, we were able to make it to the end!
Since Yazawa Eikichi-san is far ahead of us, we’ll continue to give chase!
Thank you very much!
Everyone is on! We’d just started SNS without knowing what to do, but we did it!
There’s Yuzu-san! One day, I want to play guitar with you guys!
Thank you for your heartfelt message!

That’s magicians on fire!
Bakusho Mondai-san are the greatest!

Shingo-chan, your face is already red!

I was too busy playing with my phone!
Right now, it’s the same! LOLOL!

As expected of Goro-rin!
The video is on YouTube!
Watch if you haven’t seen it!

Again, Shingo-chan, your face is red!

Shingo, you’re a producer?

Our LOHAS talk has no punch line.

Even drunk, I made that scene with the two of them. Aren’t I great?!?!

Friends? I don’t have many…
Well, since I’m connected with you all
It’s okay. 🐤 🐤 🐤 🐤 🐤

Friends? Don’t you have me!?
Tsuyopon! Oha~!
#ShingoKatori #Overslept

Atarashii Betsu no Mado~Abema for short~
I’m persevering with singing and guitar.
I’ll keep going. I suck, but forgive me! I hope I can wholeheartedly sing touching songs 🙈🙈🙈

There it is!
Oops a daisy!!!

I’m an artist.

I am an artist. #By The Way! Shingo is sleeping now!
#By The Way Shingo Is Sleeping!

Shingo continues drawing until the morning
But now he’s sleeping!
#By The Way Shingo Is Sleeping!

#By The Way Shingo Is Sleeping!

But I’m awake
#ShingoKatori #Sudden Commercial

Goro-chan. Oha~!

Oh oh, I’m sorry!
If you’re awake, please tweet!
Everyone was worrying!

SNS Lessons

Cola speed-drinking. If it’s against Shingo, it’d be bad!

Wow! You did this!?
Shingo-chan, oha~
#GoroInagaki #Glued To The TV?!

I want to try
Chugging, huh?

Let’s generate some buzz!
#72 Hour Honne TV Rebroadcast Unaired Footage

I received the Horikoshi Award.
I was never late for school for 3 years.
No absences! For a celebrity, what do you think of that? For 3 years, I forged perseverance. Horikoshi High School.
Thank you! But,
I don’t think with Kurumi’s appearance and the Ippon Manzoku Dance on my alma mater rooftop showed this off.

SNS Lessons

Buzz! Buzz!
#Buzz #Buzz

#Kyary-chan is the best! Thank you!
Please teach us SNS from now on too!

I can’t believe it… Dancing at our alma mater (°▽°)

The Horikoshi Award please (°▽°)

OH! Goro-rin appears!
The manzoku dance is amusing!
Goro-chi’s the best!
#Ippon Manzoku Bar Dance!



There he is! Mitani-sensei! A true expert! I want to do burst again!
Mitani-san, I’m jealous of Shingo!

Mitani-san, thank you. I can never say enough thanks.
I’m grateful. I’m blessed.

#KokiMitani #ShingoKatori

When Mitani-san made a play for us, with tremendous seriousness and energy, we conveyed a “BOOM!”. Awesome!
#Koki Mitani appeared at Horikoshi High School!

Even though I got involved with Shingo’s surprise party, the story is for Kusanagi-san.
I wanted to make Shingo happy by myself *cries*
Being jealous of those two is the hidden backstory. LOL

Kenta Yamazaki-kun
It wasn’t our first time meeting!
I’m sorry!

Master Kento, I’m doing my best at Instagram!

Kento Yamazaki-kun, Takayuki Yamada-kun, you were amazing!
A new wind is blowing for you two~ 🌈🏊🏊🌈🌈

Shinjuku Date with Takayuki Yamada

#TakayukiYamada #ShingoKatori #GoroInagaki #TsuyoshiKusanagi #Light Bulb Soda

Shogi pose
#Shogi Assembly Hall

Danshoku Dino-san is wonderful! (^ ^)

#Danshoku Dino

Master Yamada. Please have another Instagram lesson!
#Takayuki Yamada

Thank you Keun-chan! Thank you!
#Jang Keun-suk

Note: Thank you was written in a Japanese pronunciation of Korean

First for GLAY-san and Odagiri-san. A-a-amazing!

Director Sakamoto and Director Mitani! I love you!
#Director Mitani #Director Sakamoto

Danshoku-san. Keun-chan. GLAY-san.
Odagiri-san! Director Sakamoto.
Thank you!
#I’m Sorry

That’s right. Ebizo-san, it’s fun being connected to the world!
#IchikawaEbizo #ShingoKatori

#I’m Sorry, I was in the kitchen grilling meat

That meat looks good Tsuyopon.

Ebizo-san, thank you for teaching us about SNS.
Yeah, SNS is about speed!
I’m copying.

Next time I’ll bring meat.

Yeah, SNS is speed. Tsuyopon’s too fast. There aren’t any mistakes? I’m worried. But it’s fun!
#Tsuyopon#IchikawaEbizo #ShingoKatori

Goro-rin. You made it alone!

#Today’s Kurumi

Oh, Power Splash radio show is starting. While listening to the radio and watching
Sakai-san, let’s stay connected on SNS!
#PawaSupu #Sakai-san #SNS

Power Splash started?
Already! Pokkuchabee!*
Three people are flexing their muscles!
Bay! The song is by London something-san! 😭🤤😭

*Some said this is Korean but I couldn’t figure out for what

An meat is great! I had meat today too, Bay!FM, joke burger!🍔🍔🍔🍔

So I’m an idol huh?
Honest talk is our true worth!
But on BayFM, Joudan Hamburger talk! I want to eat meat with Hashida again!

Oh man! Hashida-sensei!
I didn’t use an honorific and I’m upset.
When I tweet, from now on I’ll properly re-read it.
I’m sorry Hashida-sensei.

Right now is the talk with Sakai-san. I was nervous but very grateful. Thank you!

Tweeting while listening to the radio
#Making Excuses Kusanagi

Ebizo-san taught us that the speed of SNS is important.
#Making Excuses Kusanagi

Hashida-sensei. Kusanagi is rude. I deeply apologize on his behalf.
#Shingo Katori #Sugako Hashida #Kusanagi’s Mistake

Looking back, it’s Sugako Hashida-sensei.
I’m sorry.

I am not an artist.
I am an idol.

#ShingoKatori #I am An Artist #I am an Idol

Sports day… LOL

I will climb Everest.

From early in the morning with high tension! Nagano-san you seriously carried it!
Iio-san is refreshing in the morning!
Moriwaki-san. You taught me to laugh a long time ago. I can’t say anything! Blowfish was delicious!
#Kenji Moriwaki King of Blowfish!
#Kusanagi Team is Number One at Baton Race!

Hey, use my hashtag.

#Kenji Moriwaki

Suspended Ceiling
A shot of the suspended ceiling from above. I think this is a NG photo of Goro-chan. I didn’t upload it at that time. Today is good, Goro-chan! Forgive me
#SuspendedCeiling #Goro NG Picture #ShingoKatori

Stop it~ (°▽°)


It’s here!
Suspended ceiling! I laughed the most out of the 72 hours! Goro-san’s suspended ceiling! Such destructive force, no joke! #By the way! Goro-san! That’s hard on the body!

Mori Reunion

I still can’t find a bride…(°▽°)💔

McDonald’s was cut~!
#McDonald’s #ShingoKatori

Let’s go to MacDonald’s again~(^ ^)

Posting this while watching 72 hours.
I wonder if this will get out somehow~.
I rushed! Hashida-sensei, I’m sorry!
BayFM me is sending this.

If you erase that suspended ceiling picture from Instagram, I’ll treat you to a feast of chicken nuggets. LOL

Ramen Tsukemen, we’re handsom men!
#EikoKano #ShingoKatori #GoroInagaki #TsuyoshiKusanagi


Thanks, Goro-chan. But since I’m eating chicken nuggets now, I’m fine~!
#Chicken Nuggets



I always get flustered too.

Speaking of, we were similar huh?

Goro-san and Shingo don’t get flustered
They’re always calm

The truth is
I got a text from Mori-kun.
Isn’t that nice!^_^


Whaat, Goro-chan! You got a text from Mori-kun! What?!
#Mori-kun #GoroInagaki #ShingoKatori

Because I want to see him

Goro-san, seriously!?

I learned a lot from Mori-kun. I did countless backflips.
Mori-kun was insanely popular.
At that time, Goro-san was too! Was it just me and Shingo that weren’t popular?

He said he’s experiencing Honne Loss…

He’s with us all in this (°▽°)

He said he wants to meet again.

A new, different window

Mori-kun, in his text, used the katakana for “Goro-chan” and not the kanji.

Goro-chan, wake up! #Mori-kun

Mori-kun is slim!

My face is fat!

I referred to myself using an impolite pronoun.
It’s embarrassing…(°▽°)

His heightened manliness is so different!

Goro-san! Let’s do a sports day again~~! 🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️

I messed up and uploaded two!
He made it! Mori-kun, let’s ride together someday.

I haven’t drank it yet. When should I? Thank you

#YouTuber Kusanagi
#Katold Trump
#Goro Inagaki Wedding!?

Let’s meet again, together, all of us. Let’s do our best!
#Mori-kun #Goro-chan #Tsuyopon #I am an Idol

YouTuber Kusanagi

Charlie Nishimura-san is great!
Let’s do experiments together again!
Revenge against cola and mentos!?
Man, 2200 liters! 3:0000 I don’t know! It’s frustrating! But there were laughs, weren’t there~ Kyaeen, thanks for the follow up!

Oh man! A ton!
The site has like energy. If you came, it’s like the same!

LOL! Moriwaki-san, teach me!

The conclusion is just another stunt!
I’ll take it!*

*No clue what he means by “受けし”, it’s just a guess at this point.

Goro’s What-If Wedding

It’s here! Goro-rin!
A warm wedding reception 🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️

But this TV is funny~

Goro-san, that camel colored coat is stylish.
I like it, it’s cool!

Don’t wear long coats when you don’t feel like it! Right, Hiro-kun!?

Flirting in the street with women I don’t know, calling out to them and seeking companionship…

Even so, marriage!!

I watched Honne TV and burned good meat!

For filets, you quickly sear the outside leaving the center rare.
It’s ruined if you overcook it.

Okay! Is that so.
Cooking meat with wine, I’ll leave it to Goro-san and Hiro-kun!

Flirting Master Inagaki
Chicken Nugget Katori
#HonneTV #McDonalds

Understood! 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Kouichi Satou-san!
You’re totally right!

Not knowing something, people who are useful to others, everyone, I hope to be like that.

I love Koichi-san
#KoichiSatou #KatoldTrump

Katold is great!
Amazing, you look alike!


Koji Yamamoto-kun, I want you to teach me guitar! His guitar is crazy! 🎸🎸🎸🎸

In the past at wrestling, Yamamoto-san and I shared drinks(°▽°)

Katold Trump
I don’t know what this picture is!
#Katold Trump #Koji Yamamoto


People are amazing! Uploading to the internet while guarding! Tanihara-san is amazing! Nice play! You really know SNS~
#I want to act with Tanihara-san again

That was so great! I was wrong again!

Please take photos! Please keep uploading! Upload photos!
SP Tanihara-san are great!
Thank you!!

#KatoldTrump #ShosukeTanihara #Kyaeen

This is the greatest documentary

Afterwards, Amanocchi heard from Tsurube-san, a single eel cost 4500 yen! Seems he
got in touch with him.
Tsurube-san, thank you!
#TsurubeShofukutei #ShingoKatori

Lily-san. Come join us on Power Splash one day!
#Lily Franky #Shingo Katori

I heard from Katsunori Takahashi too! They were 450 yen!*
Tsurube-san~~ 🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️

*This is a very cheap price and isn’t right.

Yeah! Lily-san.
Please come to our radio show!



72 Song Medley Live Finale

The live is here!

Good luck! You three!

I love Ijuu Rider

I left out the i.

This is embarrassing.

That amazing love!

It’s real

Monkey! It’s real!


Yeah! Everything is OK!

We’re brothers!
Stand up!

I messed up ‍‍♀️‍♀️

Egoshi 2:50! ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♂️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️⛷⛷

There are many amazing songs today. I’m grateful to be able to sing such wonderful songs.

I wonder if I can sing Thrill with Egoshi-san!

Right! It’s Egashira!

I messed up right away

Oh my little girl

I am the most excited! ‍🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️🎸🎸🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️

Shingo, your singing is gooood

Goro-san, that suit looks too good on you.

This place I did “Aishiteru” without thinking anything! 🤼‍♀️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️

Silent Majority! The hardest!

I can’t even stop him.


But our singing is horrendous…
I’m very sorry!

All of a sudden!Saita Hanabi is great!
Gen Hoshino-san! Sorry for our dancing!

Goro-rin! Reluctant!
I’m in love!

Blue Hearts!
Manly! Shingo-chan is!


I’m a failure!
Kazuyoshi Sato-san, I’m sorry!

But I really love that song. I hope one day we can sing it together. Please.

I’m going! 🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️

You can do it you three!

Oh man! I’m crying!

Famous music and the support of everyone really saved us!

Yuzu-san are great.

I wish I was like them


Namida no Kiss.
I want to hold you-

Matches with Shingo!

I’m always awesome!
#Fumetsu no Otoko

Shingo-chan is awesome!

I forgot! But I did a movie with Enken-san!

It was fun.
#Honne TV

SNS with a pon!

Can you dance?

You three can do it!


#72 Hour Honne TV Unaired

Brain difficulty

Preparation for buzz.

Am I tweeting too much?


#ShingoKatori #Buzz

Shingo-chan is good with the piano!

You can do it!

BEGIN’s Koishikute.
I love it. From Horikoshi times.
I love it.

You aren’t tweeting too much.
Koishikute was beautiful.

Goro-san. Thank you! 😁

I love this line too.

It’s great! This atmosphere!

It’s here! Masaaki-senpai!
This song is the best too!
Again, please sing with my guitar.

You can do it! Jump from a new different window

Oh man! Kazuyoshi Saito!
I’m already crying and singing.
I hope this reaches Kazuyoshi Saito.

It was fun.

#Honne TV #Shingo Katori #Bad Speller Prince

Everyone! Spread it on SNS!
Ultra suspended ceiling!

GLAY-san! Of course! Such a famous song!

I too, love.
I’ll throw away pride, and still have it
I’m living. Seaching for love

Note: I… really don’t know what he’s trying to say here. Shingo has crowned Tsuyoshi the prince of typos that may be making this harder… xD

You can do it! 

My guitar is a 1957 J50. It’s my favorite Gibson guitar.

From Tonbo on, it’s a manly medley!
You can do it! You three!

Don’t cry

Tamio-san! Youthful energy!
For me, it’s Kazuyoshi Saito-san!
And Tamio-san!

ROCK! 🕺🕺🕺

Climb up! You three!
Are you okay?

of course, Spitz-san’s song is echoing in my heart

Don’t cry Shingo.

Should I go to sleep already?

But they have video of Mori-kun

Kiyoshiro Imawano-san.
To me, you are the greatest rocker!
Please sing again with us!

This song is good

It’s strange, out of the 72 songs, that was the best we sang.
I think so. What do you think?

It’s because of Mori-kun’s strength!

Oh man! I’m crying!

Everyone, thank you!


Takei-san! Okubo-san! Thank you!

Kamiya-san! Crying!

Hakuho-san thank you!

Sekine-san, thank you!

Tsurube-san, thank you!

Horiemon-san, please teach us SNS again.

Shosuke Tanihara-san, let’s act together again.

Huh? Are they broadcasting up to this point? ^ ^

Everyone, thank you for watching for such a long time!

Some said they’re “moved!”

I’m sorry. Some said they don’t understand what I mean.

“Make HonneTV Great Again”
See you next HonneTV!!
ARIGATO World! Thank you NAKAMA!

#HonneTV #ShingoKatori #GoroInagaki #TsuyoshiKusanagi

After Show Finished

Genius! The best! Great!

I want to do a skit with Katold

#By the way! The quality of Katold Trump is awesome

Normal people can’t do that.

#Genius, Katold Shingo is amazing!

#By the way, Shingo Katori isn’t human, is he?
But Kurumi is my best friend!

Note: In the video, Kurumi stops barking once Tsuyoshi asks her how the 72 hour TV was… LOL

To sleep. 72 Hour Honne TV viewers, thank you! Everyone, good night.


Um. There really wasn’t a lot of new footage, as expected, but… the guys tweeting, especially Tsuyoshi, made it worth staying up for.

It was a lot of great fun. I’m glad the guys joined in together to entertain us. It’s really moving that they’d take some time out of what I’m assuming is an off day and just watch with the fans.

Love them. <3


I missed it, but Goro did a blog post somewhere during the night of the rebroadcast.

7.2 Hour Honne

Are you watching?
It looks like Kusanagi-san is excited and burning his meat
Katori-san definetly has a beer in one hand
As for myself, tonight I’m… LOL
A little while ago, we opened up Twitter. The rebroadcast will have our true selves!!
[[snow photo of Goro]]
Ah, I took this picture. (°▽°)

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