SNS Roundup Dec 4-10 – Happy Birthday Goro

Here’s the roundup of the last few days of SNS posts. Tsuyoshi is a fresh meat fairy, the guys share their love with the world, but most importantly: it’s Goro’s birthday!! 🎂

December 4

#ShingoKatori #moon #supermoon #shingo

There are a lot of people who don’t know how to color a coloring picture. Whatever works isn’t enough for the next NAKAMAdeART.

Tell me world. For the NAKAMA that don’t know how to color, so they can be part of the next piece.. do they print it? Screenshot it? There are lot of ways to color, lot of ways to do this. World, tell our NAKAMA!

#Tell me World #Shingo Katori #NAKAMAdeART

Good morning.
Did you see yesterday’s supermoon?
It was such a splendid moon.

In the past, I loved moonlit photobooks…

Have a great day. (╹◡╹)

Oh, this morning my skin was plump.
For sure, it’s thanks to the moonlight.🌝
#GoroInagaki #Beautiful Skin

Why did he? Why did Kusanagi? He gave me fresh meat. I love meat and it was insanely delicious, why did he suddenly give me fresh meat saying, “this is crazy delicious, eat it?” I love his sudden hard-to-understand kindness…

#ShingoKatori #Meat #FreshMeat-sunagi #Denim Pervert

That meat looks good (slight jealousy)
Before, he suddenly brought me dried fruit too (slight boast)
I want to share good things with everyone (his understanding personality)

It looks like Shingo enjoyed the meat. I’m glad.
It was a rare cut, the next time I get some, I’ll give it to Goro-san.
It’ll go well with red wine.
Everyone, good night.

December 5

The Place Where You Are
A happy moment, passing time with an angel.
The destination is…
An evening at a beachfront park.
It’s been a long time(^◇^)
You’ve gotten so big.
Where is your papa?
This man is Lad Musician’s Kuroda-san.
My friend for 20 years.
I’m proud to show off my skateboarding!
The truth is…
A child is holding the board and I’m jumping behind…?!
Yes, like this… LOL
Beautiful at dusk.
It was a lovely time.
Don’t forget today.
However, it’s okay if you do.
I want you to feel the gentle light and the warmth of your family anywhere,
like the flame of a small candle that never is extinguished, inside of your heart.
Let’s play together again, okay?
No… We will play together again.

Good night.

Goro-chan’s blog is too wonderful.
I didn’t know this side of Goro Inagaki.
It’s amazing.
#GoroInagaki #ShingoKatori #The Place Where You Are

December 6

The truth is, I’ve been chosen to be the face of a product!
It’ll be announced here later

What words do you want translated!?
#Tsuyopon ili #I’ll say a lot of different things here!

I’ll be trying out ili in the city, but I wonder where?

#Tsuyopon ili

I try using ili in the city! It’s broadcasting now!

ili. ili.
It’s really great. #Tsuyopon ili

Ili? #Ili #ili #TsuyoshiKusanagi #ShingoKatori

That’s right. ili. ili.
English. Korean. Chinese.
Instantly, it will translate for you.
Today, I became the face of it! Wish me luck! #Tsuyopon Ili #Tsuyoshi Kusanagi #Shingo Katori

Thank you #Tsuyopon Ili

Chant All Free
#All Free #Tsuyopon Ili #Editor-in-chief Inagaki Goro #Tsuyoshi Kusanagi #GoroInagaki

I took it up close
I dropped by for a quick visit
#ShingoKatori #TokyoTower

Tokyo Tower is nice, but what about Sky Tree!?
ili connects the world! #Tokyo Tower #Sky Tree #AtarashiiChizu #I Love Tokyo #Tsuyopon Ili #ShingoKatori #GoroInagaki
Good night

December 7

Skytree looks nice. A lot of people are Asakusa. Actually, I’m not yet on location yet. Today I, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, became ili’s image character. I want to sing a song about the amazingness of ili.

ili, connecting the world
ili, leaping over the language barrier
easily, instantly, I will jump over the borderline between me and you
Hello, hello, hello*
I love you, I love you, I love you*

Everyone, have a great night.
Was that okay? Cut.

*Hello, hello, hello is said in English, Korean and Chinese. The same for I love you.

Good morning everyone!
It’s a crisp, wonderful morning!
Today at 7pm, I’ll upload a video to youtube. Look forward to it!

Good morning
At 7? I’m looking forward to it
Tsuyopon ili was enjoyable!

I was alone in my room and laughed when you were with the CEO and forgot to press the button. LOL
I love you*

*I love you was written using the Korean pronunciation

Thank you Goro.

So today at 7pm on YouTuber Kusanagi’s YouTube channel.
Itoshi no Iri*
Love you**

*Play on the song title “Itoshi no Ellie” from Southern All Stars
**Written using the Korean pronunciation

Tell me world.
How can I write in Korean here? Can I? Can I not?
Thank you*

#ShingoKatori #Korean #Thank You #Gurakoro

*Written using the Korean pronunciation

Thank you world
I’m amused and smiling.
Because I have a new keyboard and can use Korean! Amazing!
But I can’t make sentences
I’m grinning as I look at this keyboard
Thank you
#ShingoKatori #Korean #Thank you #Major Gurakoro

Thank you
I love you
#ShingoKatori #CopyPaste #Is it okay? #It’s wrong #Is it now strange? #Major Gurakoro

*The tweet is originally in Korean

Thank you
I love you

*The tweet is originally in Chinese

I love you
I love you

#ShingoKatori #shingokatori

Nishimura-sensei was wonderful.
Please watch.

I wonder what’s going on at 7PM with YouTuber Kusanagi.
I don’t even know.
#ShingoKatori #TsuyoshiKusanagi #YouTuberKusanagi

Tsyo-tuber. Kuru-tuber
Youtuber. Uploaded!
Please enjoy!
Thank you!

I was sleepy and you brought me with you…
Come on, papa ( ̄▽ ̄)

#KuruTuber #TsuyoshiKusanagi

I’m Kurumi’s ili

#Tsuyopon Ili

New YouTuber Kusanagi, good luck!
But it was just a greeting~!!

#YouTuber Kusanagi #KuruTuber #ShingoKatori


#Kurumi #TsuyoshiKusanagi #ShingoKatori #French Bulldog #dog #cute

December 8

Slightly Anticipating Goro

Thank you for all of the birthday comments.
I’m deeply moved to be able to celebrate my birthday like this with you all.

“Of course there are times you’ll fall in life, but by chance, you may fall into good things.”
Kusanagi-kun’s words from the GQ award ceremony.

That’s right…
Our present selves are receiving countless “good things” daily.
That is, the most beautiful treasure in this world: love.

Even if we fall, there are many NAKAMA to offer us a hand.
I’m thankful to be able to reach out to everyone in an instant like this^_^

Thank you for the greatest birthday present.
[[photo of Goro with scribbling all over]]
I tried to draw in Shingo-kun’s style… (just scribbling)
And tonight is also wine….*laugh*
Alright, I’m done (°▽°)
Everyone, have a wonderful night☆

Let’s work hard at work today too

Good morning!
The weather is nice in Tokyo!
The air is clear!

Goro Inagaki-san.
Happy Birthday!

Katsuyuki Mori-san.
Mori-kun. Congratulations on your 600th win! Congrats

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi-san.
Thank you

And NAKAMA, thank you for your warm messages

Happy Goro Birthday-chan #GoroInagaki #ShingoKatori

Happy Birthday Goro-chan #GoroInagaki #happybirthday #happy #drawing #art #ShingoKatori

December 9

So today is Saturday.
Are you off from work on Saturdays?
Are you off from school on Saturdays?
Saturdays are days I have to do my best too, right?

#ShingoKatori #Saturday #Work #School

Goro’s Afterglow

Good morning.
The weather feels nice today, doesn’t it?
Wrapped up in the overflowing love from everyone, I was able to have the greatest birthday yesterday.
Thank you very much for the many messages.

[[Photo of poinsetta]]
My poinsettia basking in the morning light.

Today is Saturday.
I have work.
I have school.
Everyone, let’s do our best.

Is Katori-kun still sleeping? (Thank you for the drawing on Instagram.)

Have a great day.

What the hell. Short sleeves are cold. Cold! #ShingoKatori #Tshirt #Short-sleeves #Cold #Sunglasses

Since short sleeves are freezing
There’s lots of sweat when eating piping hot pot
Come back short sleeves
#ShingoKatori #Short-sleeves #hotpot #What kind of hot pot

I tried singing this right away!

Now -New Map-
There is something I want to sing from now on. What is it?
There is somewhere I want to go from now on. Where is that?
The someone I want to meet now is just you.
There is something I want to shout out!
One more chance! Now, from now on, I’ll go forward!

December 10

It’s expected to be off Sunday?
But because everyone does their best on Sundays too, everyone gets an easy Sunday?
Please do your best on Sunday too!
Thank you
It’s too cold outside
My breath is white
Is this a ski location?
#ShingoKatori #Sunday #Ski location #As Expected

Mom’s don’t have days off, do they?
They keep at it for their kids’ sake.
Your keeping at it, making snacks.
#ShingoKatori #Mama #ShingoMama #Keep at it

Good morning!
The weather is nice today!
Have a great one!
#Now. New Map

Nice weather in TOKYO, isn’t it?
The cold pierces, but have fun today!
2017 is really ending, isn’t it?
Alright! Have a great day!
Don’t underestimate the cold, do your best!
#ShingoKatori #2017 #TOKYO

On sale tomorrow: AERA.
I speak with Master Kimimaro! Please take a look!
#KimimaroAyanokouji #MasterKimimaro #aera #ShingoKatori #Shosen Shiawase nante Jikoshinkoku

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