SNS Roundup Dec 1-3

Here’s a bit of catch up from the last few days of SNS posts.

I’ll just say that Shingo is great at connecting with fans. He posts a picture and tells fans to paint it, then pulls different pieces together and uploads them to his Instagram. He’s wonderful.

December 1

Now I’m suddenly thinking of something in my dream? is it reality? which?

On the 17th at 3pm, Goro-chan has a live radio show. Ooho, I wrote it down. I’ve written it down.

Good morning.
This morning I woke up to Shingo’s ohasumi tweets again. ♪
Please look forward to the live radio show!
And thank you for watching Goro Deluxe!!
I hope the day will come where it will reach everyone in the nation.🍎

I ate roast beef. It was really delicious. I’m timidly watching everything on Twitter. I don’t know some things, but know some things. I’m watching everyone in the world. There are some things I haven’t used yet. I’m shy. #RoastBeef #ShingoKatori #Timid

I should’ve noticed when putting on my sunglasses that that tiny attached screw guy wasn’t there. No wonder it was pinching my left ear when I put them on. Will someone fix them for me? How do you fix it? If you tighten the screws… I can’t find the tiny guys. #ShingoKatori

We always have to tighten this screw here, don’t we?

I don’t know of a sunglasses place that would suit Shingo-sama. Hmm. Hmm.

I got surprising-pon wrong? Doubts are surfacing… (゚∀゚)

You love walks and sleeping.
Let’s go out together from now on.
#Today’s Kurumi

The latest GQ is being reprinted!
Since they’ve been selling out left and right, additional ones will go on sale December 16!
As expected of this man on fire, surprising-pon!
#GQ #GQJAPAN #Suprising-pon #ShingoKatori #It’ll be fine if you try taking it a sunglasses shop

#ShingoKatori #Instagram #Instagramer #Insta-worthy #Ohha~ #CHANEL

It’s because it’s a cold night.
#GQ Latest Volume Reprint on sale December 16!

Afternoon Goro
It’s cold, isn’t it?
For me, the cold makes me think clearly and positively.
My mind feels great with the cold air.
Since I love the fragrance of the season, I always walk in the cold air.
Today as I passed by a nearby dog park, a dog barked at a suspicious hooded man with sunglasses

Usually, while walking with my friend (Hiro-kun), he’s easily called out.
[[photo of fire and photobook]]
I love this time warming up my cold body.
I’m relaxing in my room.
This is my beloved Cy Twombly photo album.
I believe tonight it’ll be even colder, so please stay warm(^_^)
[[suspicious Goro in jacket]]
That’s right, tomorrow I’m going to buy poinsettias.

Hey, what are you looking at?
Hey, what are you listening to?
#Today’s Kurumi
#Good night.

December 2

Atarashii Chizu Original 2018 CHIZU CALENDAR on sale!
Exciting, isn’t it? The lottery for a special something present of ours.
Look for to it. I know what the special something something, is. This! That!
#AtarashiiChizu #ShingoKatori #Calendar #SpecialSomething

Chizu Goods
You want letter writing goods, don’t you?
Like postcards and stationary?
#AtarashiiChizu #ShingoKatori #Letters

I’m preparing to paint a picture.
I’m arranging my painting tools.
Arrange them.
Arrange them.
Without painting, I finish.
This pattern happens often.
#ShingoKatori #Let’s draw #This Pattern Happens Often

Mid-day Goro
Good afternoon.
Thank you for all the comments.
I read them this morning in the park again.
There was a perfectly clear winter sky.
Although I said the cold air feels good, unsurprisingly I caught a small cold… (This is a roundabout way to boast about the large number of comments.)*
Many of you said you want to see pictures of my poinsettia, but you can’t yet.
People advised princettias, I’m considering what to buy.
[[Picture of this week’s flowers]]
This week’s flower.
The red accent serves as a little a bit of Christmas.
Have a great weekend(^_^)

*In Japan, if you sneeze, it’s said that someone is talking about you. Goro is really just bragging there are so many people saying nice things about him in the comments. LOL

At western food restaurant, I can’t just have one dish.
It’s delicious! Delicious! Delicious!
#Western Food #Western Resturant #ShingoKatori #love #Fireplace Goro #I’m reading the comments here too

I like! I’m having western food too!
Beef stew!

December 3

Since I’m in a dream, ohasumi.
Is it a good dream?
It’s a carefree dream.
Let’s play.
#ShingoKatori #Dream #love

Right now I’m reading the tons of letters sent to Atarashii Chizu from NAKAMA.
I’m touched. I’m thankful. Thank you.
Do your best. Work hard. Let’s work hard.
#AtarashiiChizu #ShingoKatori #Smile

Right now I’m reading the many letters from NAKAMA sent to Atarashii Chizu.
I’m moved. I’m grateful. Thank you.
Do your best. Do your best. Let’s do our best
#AtarashiiChizu #ShingoKatori #Smile

I’m reading here too.
With everything.
I’m watching!
I can see you!
#AtarashiiChizu #ShingoKatori #Carefully

#Illustration #Drawing #Art #artwork #Painting #ColoringPicture #ShingoKatori #NAKAMAdeART

#ShingoKatori #ColoringPicture #art

#NAKAMAdeART #ShingoKatori #art #ColoringPicture

Radio show is starting.
#ShingoKatori #PawaSupu

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi has lots of activities.
Radio is home
#ShingoKatori #PawaSupu

have you seen the BayFM timetable?
#ShingoKatori #PawaSupu

#ShingoKatori #PawaSupu

Every day is lively and a joy
I know, I know
I’m gaining weight
#ShingoKatori #PawaSupu

#ShingoKatori #PawaSupu #Diet

#ShingoKatori #TsuyoshiKusanagi #Denim Pervert

When do I sleep
How many people am I?
#ShingoKatori #PasaSupu

Oh, I’m doing radio!
It’s already over!
#ShingoKatori PawaSupu

Everyone is amazing! This is lovely NAKAMA de ART! Nothing is horrible or bad~
Nothing is right~ That’s freedom to try this freely. If you try, you are an artist too!
Me and you, NAKAMAdeART!

See you next NAKAMAdeART!!
[ART connects the world]

#NAKAMAdeART #art #drawing #coloredpicture #ShingoKatori

#ShingoKatori #moon #supermoon #shingo


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