Another Sunday, another ShinTsuyo POWER SPLASH! For as high energy as Tsuyoshi started, it was actually a really mundane night of vacuums and nuts and sexy vintage denim.

Well, it was only sexy to Tsuyoshi. He got a bit too excited about that…

  • Tsuyoshi is SUPER high energy today, listing things quickly like it already being December, it’ll be Christmas soon, and the town is illuminated. Shingo tries to call him out on being so energetic, and Tsuyoshi asks if Shingo isn’t happy. He is, but Tsuyoshi hasn’t sounded this… powerful in a long time. LOL
    Tsuyoshi explains that it’s because he’s got a lot of activities going on. He’s got solo work, and he gets to get together with others like on the radio show. Coming together for Power Splash is like home for him! And he needs to talk like this because it’s radio! Seriously, he’s totally high energy, it’s kind of ridiculous. 😅
  • After 23 years, Shingo and Tsuyoshi are finally featured on the BayFM printed timetable. I wonder why they weren’t before.  If you are in Japan, you can find where to pick one up here.
  • A listener writes in about a lot of appliances breaking this year. Tsuyoshi starts to think he’ll be in trouble if his vacuum breaks because Kurumi sheds a lot, it’d be really bad if he was without a vacuum for a day. For some reason, Shingo has multiple vacuums giving Tsuyoshi the idea that he should buy a backup.
    Tsuyoshi didn’t know how much Kurumi shed at first, but there’s so much hair, he gets a sore throat and his black clothes get covered in her hair. 😂
  • Another listener writes in about losing 5 kilos, changing how they were eating rice bowls. Shingo questions this dieting thing, and Tsuyoshi says you can make some changes. Light lunches, less rice for dinner. Moderation. It’s all for health. 🍤
  • A listener writes in apologizing for eating kurumi last night. 🙀 (Kurumi is the Japanese word for walnuts.) Tsuyoshi easily eats too many nuts. Almonds, pistachios, but peanuts are probably his favorite. Shingo says pistachios are good, but a pain.
  • Lately, Tsuyoshi has been obsessed with making a tuna with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and crushed up pistachios (using a mortar and pestle.) He strongly encourages Shingo to try. Shingo says it sounds good, but a pain to make, so no. 😂
  • ShinTsuyo Song Selection is by Tsuyoshi, Julie London’s Frenesi. Shingo points out he had the name written on a piece of paper, Tsuyoshi said it’s because he’d forget it. LOL
  • Healthy TsuyoponA listener writes that she wears tights under her jeans in the winter. Shingo wears HeatTech a lot on set and it’s what they were wearing during the 72 Hour TV. Tsuyoshi says he likes to wear two pairs of jeans. (!!!!?!?!?!??!)
  • Tsuyoshi goes off on wearing two pairs of jeans. Like… he is really excited and talking a mile a minute about which pair of jeans gets to be under the other. Like people can’t see it but he knows which vintage he has on underneath the top pair. (!!!) Shingo comments that he has a really perverted face on while talking about this. Shingo snaps a picture and says he’ll upload it to Twitter.
  • One of the staff asks the questions that need to be asked: how easy is it for Tsuyoshi go to the bathroom with two pairs of jeans on? LOL Tsuyoshi says it’s fine. He only wears a belt on the top pair of jeans.
  • Shingo shows Tsuyoshi the picture he took of him, one with Tsuyoshi looking really perverted. LOL Shingo says it’s a good picture. Tsuyoshi is all, really? Then quietly asks him to not upload it. Awww. Pretty sure it’s this one:

  • Healthy Tsuyopon’s advice at the end? Wear two pairs of jeans. Hmm…. Yeah… Not sure I can pull that off.
  • Free Talk The program logo contest is ongoing until the 10th. Details here.
  • The guys go through some of the logo submissions, there’s a lot of hand-drawn postcards. Lots of Kurumi from what it sounds like. One with Kurumi and Kurosagi. One with a hambuger that Tsuyoshi takes to. LOL They’ve received about 200 submissions and the selection will be used starting with December 17th broadcast.
  • Shingo talks a bit about the scribbling they were doing on pictures on Twitter earlier this week, including defiling Goro’s picture. 😂
  • Speaking of Twitter, Tsuyoshi asks Shingo when he sleeps. Yes, we all want to know the answer to this question. Shingo said he looked at his Twitter and asked the question himself. “When do I sleep?” Tsuyoshi suggests that there’s another Shingo. LOL
  • Shingo hasn’t been meeting up with Tsuyoshi lately, but it’s because Tsuyoshi is hard at work, but can’t say what it is yet.
  • And a reminder that Shingo has his SMART appearance coming out on 12/22.


Phew. Listening to high energy Tsuyoshi is always exhausting. Tsuyoshi tends to dominate the radio show, but today was kind of ridiculous. 😂 But I’ll take it as a good sign that he’s really excited about whatever he is working on. Not to mention, this December is much nicer to them than last December. It’s starting to feel like older Power Splash episodes, Tsuyoshi being ridiculously high energy and Shingo being a saint except for his relentless teasing. 😄

Song Selection

Beck feat. DAOKO – Up All Night — the version on radio isn’t available on YouTube

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