Listening to Shingo and Tsuyoshi on SMAP POWER SPLASH (and now ShinTsuyo POWER SPLASH) has always been a blast with the exception of 2016 where it was easy to hear depression in their voices. I clung to their voices all of 2017 once they started to sound happy again, hoping they were happy with the direction they were going and that things would work out. And we’re in a much better place now! Even so, they never fail to continue to brighten my day with their antics. Here’s a bit from the last episode so others can enjoy. 💛💚

  • The month went by quickly, Tsuyoshi mentioned the following specifically: movie filming has started, they’ve started on SNS, 72 hours. “But it’s still not over! There’s still a ton to come. We have a lot more fun things!”
  • A listener wrote in recommending a hamburger (the breadless kind) place in Shizuoka with a popular onion sauce. They talk about how Mori may or may not know about it since it’s in Shizuoka [note: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka was where Mori’s race was, and they visited him].
  • Another listener writes in how their mother makes hamburger for them on new years because they don’t like traditional new year’s dishes. Tsuyoshi says he can understand the feeling, and sometimes gets tired of traditional new year’s dishes and wants something like Italian. Shingo now wants to eat mochi.
  • To much sadness, this was the last week for the monthly “hamburger” theme. Tsuyoshi said this was the month everyone was the most fired up about the theme. He asked for next week to be the same, but he got shot down. Next month’s theme is “looking back.”
  • Tsuyoshi opens his windows in the middle of winter for ventilation.
  • Tsuyoshi likes crispy nori, Shingo doesn’t really. Tsuyoshi says it isn’t that he really really loves it, but it’s good for the heart. He remembers Hiroshi Sekiguchi saying so on a show in the past.
  • For ShinTsuyo Song Selection, Tsuyoshi brings up how he’s been really into Saito Kazuyoshi (to which the entire staff laughs about), but surprises everyone that his Song Selection ISNT a Saito Kazuyoshi song. Instead, he starts to pick TRICERATOPS’ Going To The Moon until an annoyed Shingo points out he’d already chosen that one. So Tsuyoshi switches his choice to Starlight Starlight, with its cool one-take music video.
  • Shingo asks a bit more about TRICERATOPS since he doesn’t know much about them, and even though Shingo filmed a drama with Juri, she never really mentioned Sho Wada (TRICERATOPS vocalist/guitarist and her husband.) Tsuyoshi explains they are a three-piece band and Sho Wada does vocals and guitar. Sho is really Tsuyoshi’s guitar teacher. Tsuyoshi calls him up with questions even now.
  • Shingo brings up how Tsuyoshi tweeted that his singing sucked.
    T: You saw that? I was more horrible than I thought. I have to do better. I’m not going to give up.
    S: Give up.
    T: If I give up now, what was the point of making it this far? So I’m going to keep on.
    S: Won’t you give up for me?
    T: I’ve thought about giving up that day, but I’m not going to.
    S: Then quit guitar. Singing is the main, and you’re doing both now.
    Hahaha. Don’t worry, Tsuyoshi is adamant that he’s not going to give up either. Shingo also admitted he was horrible too, so he can’t really say Tsuyoshi was terrible.
  • ShinTsuyo Improv Song about the start of their new journey.
  • With Shingo’s work being on display at Cartier coming to an end, he says he’ll put the Cartier chandelier cake in Tsuyoshi’s place. Tsuyoshi says no, it’s impossible, his place is too small.😂
  • They talk about how they (+Goro) won GQ MOTY, saying thanks.
    T: Isn’t this that great magazine that comes out every year with all the really cool people on it? We were picked for that? I don’t know who picked us but thank you, powerful people, who selected us.
    S: The award ceremony was on the 22nd. Goro and I, the two of us went.
    T: I went too! The three of us were chosen!
    S: Tsuyopon was busy.
    T: I wasn’t! I was free!
    He was filming narration for Buratamori.
    T: That’s recorded on a different day!

Song Selection

Guitar (live version) by Saito Kazuyoshi — couldn’t find video on YouTube



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