ParaSports Donation & 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Goodwill Ambassadors

On July 8th at Tokyo-Daiba Nippon Foundation Para-Arena, Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo presented the donation from the sales of the ParaSports charity support song, Ame Agari no Step (in English: A Step after the Rain.)

Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and Shingo Katori presenting charity donation to Paralympic Support Center
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The sales were from the digital release on sale from March 19 through June 30th. The song was downloaded 99594 times, and they raised 23,006,214 yen.

All three were also presented with the opportunity to become 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Goodwill Ambassadors, to which all three agreed and accepted.

Continue reading for words from the three men, including comments from Shingo for those impacted by the flooding in Western Japan.

Words from Goro Inagaki

Goro Inagaki at presentation ceremony for Paralympics donation
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I think it’d be wonderful if the support charity song the three of us sing gives even just a little power [to the athletes.] Many people from all over the country have provided support and I’m very grateful for things to have taken the shape they have. Truthfully and conversely, we’re the one receiving power from the Paralympic and Parasports athletes and are able to do our best.

Words from Tsuyoshi Kusanagi

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi at presentation ceremony for Paralympics donation
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Money was raised from the support of many people. I’m truly grateful to all those who downloaded the song, as it will have a big influence on the future of ParaSports. With great care and utmost effort, I want the message of Ame agari no step to reach everyone.

Words from Shingo Katori

Shingo Katori at presentation ceremony for Paralympics donation
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Many people came together to support the charity effort. I’m grateful to all those that worked together for this. More importantly, thanks to those who purchased the song, we raised money to further the development of ParaSports.

I know among those that participated in the charity sales are those western Japan under horrible conditions from the record-setting rain. Even though we’re not together, our thoughts are one: persevere!


After the presentation, all three men played Boccia with the parasports athletes.

The cable network, CATV Shinagawa will broadcast more from the event on July 21st in Shinagawa EYE.

See more at Ameagari no Step – ParaSports Charity Song.

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