TV Direct from Japan – jpPlayer (updated Jan. 26, 2013)

Note (January 26, 2013): The screenshots used in this post are outdated – the jpPlayer application has been updated since I last used it.

So, my plans to watch a bunch of Japanese dramas isn’t working out. So I figured I’d try streaming Japanese TV 24/7 – maybe just having something on in the background (that isn’t music) will help with learning the language.

There’s a wonderful topic at D-addicts – Comparing Options for Watching Japanese TV from Overseas

But what about some more recent reviews?

jpPlayer – updated November 26, 2012

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The JDrama Winter 2012 Hopefuls

Which dramas will I be checking out from the Winter 2012 season!?

  • Carnation*
  • Stepfather Step
  • Lucky Seven
  • Hungry*
  • Aibou S10
  • Suugaku Joshi Gakuen
  • Renai Neet ~Wasureta Koi no Hajimekata
  • 13 sai no Hello Work
  • Saba Doru
  • Switch Girl!!
  • Unmei no Hito
*Dramas I’ve already seen or partially watched prior to this experiment.

The list and summaries I based my decisions on is from d-addicts wiki’s. Continue reading for reasons behind trying out the above dramas.

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The JDrama Experiment

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to watch more Japanese dramas. Why? So I can practice my Japanese. I’m studying the language, but not really practicing. I usually have some Japanese music going on in the background, but that is the extent of my immersion in the language. I need to hear more Japanese to improve my own Japanese.

Except there’s a tiny problem. I can never find any Japanese dramas I like. I can find addictive Korean dramas easily enough, but I’m not studying Korean! This is my dilemma. I don’t know if I’m just predisposed to enjoy kdramas over jdramas, or if it is just easier to find fun kdramas since they are all subbed. I mean, with and, if you don’t like a kdrama after 5 minutes you can just watch another one. It seems only the most popular of jdramas get subbed… But, I’m learning Japanese! So I don’t need subs!! (That’s a lie, I need subs, but I’m going to try without I am forced to.)

So here’s the experiment: For each drama season, I’ll pick out all the Japanese dramas I’m interested in. I’ll watch the first episode, with or without subs. If I like, I’ll keep watching. If not, I will move on and not cry about the fact that I can’t find any enjoyable Japanese dramas. With this method, I’m bound to find great dramas and improve my Japanese!

I’ll catalog my findings here, but be warned: my Japanese is very very poor. I’m just a beginner. This little experiment is for me to work on my Japanese and find some good TV to watch. Don’t expect comprehensive summaries or meta or anything besides my opinions.