JUNON Welcomes Back Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo !

Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo are featured on the cover of the April issue of JUNON, on sale February 23! It’s been 16 years since they were in the magazine and as a “welcome back” plan, JUNON is featuring them in a 12-page long volume!

Topics include the launch of “Atarashii Chizu” in September, their appearance on AbemaTV, starting on social media, their new start together, and their upcoming movie, Kusoyaro to Utsukushi Sekai.

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BALLYTURK – Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s Latest Play

On February 7, it was announced that Tsuyoshi will finally be appearing in a play after 3 years. Over the last two or so years, in his monthly magazine column, Okiraku, Tsuyoshi has been very open about his desire for more work, and a play in particular. I’m so happy that it’s finally happening.

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Tsuyoshi living in South Korea!….for a documentary!

Tsuyoshi has been staying in a small apartment in South Korea for NHK’s “News na machi ni sundemita!” It’ll air on NHK, March 29th from 10-10:50 PM.

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Shingo Katori Interview in Weekly Bunshun

In the January 11th Weekly Bunshun, Shingo sat down and gave an interview to “the father of the entertainment industry,” Kinichi Hagimoto, or Kin-chan.

Shingo talks about how he felt joining the entertainment industry so young, his relationship with the other SMAP members, up through the decision to start anew in 2017.

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Looking back on 2017 and Hopes for 2018 – HuffPost Interview Translation

The following is a translation of HuffPost Japan’s interview with Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo on December 31, 2017, just before the live AbemaTV broadcast.

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Purchase 72 by Atarashii Chizu on Recochoku

(Minor updates made 4/29.)

With the digital release of Atarashii Chiuz’s 72, I scrambled to try and figure out how to buy it. The only place I found success was with Recochoku. But here is what else I tried so others know.

Amazon Japan – limited to Japan. Japanese credit card is required, even if you have sufficient gift card balance.

iTunes – limited to Japan. I didn’t try with Japanese account and Japanese iTunes gift card, others have reported success, others failure. JCB credit card is reported to have worked, however, this credit card is limited to a few US states. (Update: 4/29. You CAN use iTunes with a Japanese account and Japanese gift card — I will link to a new post with directions once it is complete.)

Google Music – limited to Japan. I had no luck.

So, how to get the song on Recochoku? This guide is creating a new account using email address login and making a purchase using a credit card.

You can download using the desktop version of recochoku website and using Japanese VPN. Mobile did not work for me. You should still be able to use your phone, but switch to Desktop browsing for Recochoku.

You’ll be able to download 128 or 320kbps .m4a file by the end.

Create a New Account

Go to https://recochoku.jp/

Create New Account / Login
Create New Account (Free)
Select Email as your login method
Register for New Account

Fill out the form above, using your email address, password, nickname, etc. 男 is the kanji for male, 女 for female. The year/month/day is for birthday and 東京部 is for prefecture in Japan. The one selected there is Tokyo.

Confirmation Screen

This confirms that your registration was successful. You’ll receive an email, but you don’t have to confirm your email address. Click 次へ at the bottom, it’ll forward and automatically log you in.

Purchase Song using Credit Card

Navigate to whatever song you want to buy. I’m going to assume 72.

Select the song version you want to buy.
Select Credit Card Payment Method
The right button (同意する) agrees to the terms and conditions.
Credit Card / Expiration Date (MM/YY) / Credit Card Security Code

Then click on 設定 to purchase. I didn’t buy the song again, so I don’t have the exact screenshot that happens after that.

Download 72

Download 128 or 320 kbps

You can download both the 128kbps or the 320kbps versions. It’ll just pop up a message and the file will start downloading like any other file online.


And that’s it! You should have your own copy of 72 at this point. Enjoy!

If you run into any issues, leave a comment here or just messages me on Twitter @msjumpingjax.

Merry Christmas from Atarashii Chizu!!

The countdown on Atarashii Chizu reached zero on Christmas Eve, and the guys showered us with presents!!

  • “Group” tweets at midnight
  • 72 now released digitally with helpful how-to videos
  • A 72 dance choreography contest, first prize a meet and greet with the guys!!
  • An announcement of AbemaTV New Year’s special!!!

Merry Christmas Tweets

Celebrities being on Twitter is nothing new, but the way the guys wield it as both an individual weapon and then come together to put smiles on our faces is. ☺


72 Digital Release

The theme song for 72 Hour Honne TV, 72, is now out for download across four digital platforms: Amazon Music, iTunes, Google Music, and recochoku.

For fans not residing in Japan and without Japanese credit cards, Amazon Music and Google Music don’t yet appear to be an option. Some fans reported success with iTunes using Japanese gift cards or JCB credit card. I can personally confirm that recochoku worked with a US credit card (I was also using a Japanese VPN, but I’m unsure if it requires that.)

The guys all took the time to sit down with us and record videos on how to download from all four sources.

Shingo and Recochoku

Goro and iTunes

Tsuyoshi and Google Music

Shingo and Amazon Music

72 Dance Choreography Contest

From December 25-January 25, Atarashii Chizu is accepting entries for dances for 72. It’s for the 2:37-3:38 section of the song only and the grand prize winner will attend a meet and greet with the guys! There will be 5 Zu-kun cushions as honorable mention prizes, but really? It’s all about the meet & greet!!

There are more details here (in Japanese.) If my cannot-dance-self can work up the courage to actually try to enter, I’ll post more details.

AbemaTV New Year’s Live Program

For a short 27 minutes, the guys will once again appear live on AbemaTV for 27Hun Honno Chotto TV (27Hun just a little TV). It airs January 1, 2018, at 0:45. What do they have in store for us?!


I think that covers all the presents from the Atarashii Chizu trio! Phew! They really like to spoil us! Not that I mind!!

With that, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all my fellow NAKAMA!!

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi stars in File 06 of NHK’s Mikaiketsu Jiken!

Tsuyoshi has landed his first drama role on a broadcast network since leaving his former company! It’s episode 6 of NHK’s Unsolved Cases (Mikaiketsu Jiken). The show focuses on re-enactments of past, unsolved crimes. Tsuyoshi has previously served as the navigator for the show, but this year he’s taking on the lead role in a re-enactment itself!

The unsolved case is for the murder of an Asahi Shimbun journalist, who was allegedly murdered in May 1987 by the Japanese right-wing extremist group, Sekihoutai. Tsuyoshi plays a reporter himself covering the case.

The episode airs on January 27, 2018, from 7:30-8:43 pm, with a follow-up documentary (without Tsuyoshi) on the 28th.

Comment from Tsuyoshi

I’ve worked as the navigator for the “Pursuit Project” on unsolved cases, but this time I’m excited to appear in a re-enactment drama. When the Hanshin Office incident occurred, I was in middle school. I didn’t know the details about the incident, but the more I learned, the more I thought about what can be freely spoken in a free society. As a person living in society, it would be great if I can make this a starting point for everyone to think about [that freedom] just a little.

Personal Thoughts

Tsuyoshi had been keeping quiet about a project he’s been working on, and it must’ve been this! It’s a drama appearance on a terrestrial broadcast network! 💃💃 While I was hoping he’d been filming for an online drama series itself, an hour special on TV is not something I imagined happening at all, so I’m really glad. I’m very much looking forward to it!

Love you, actor Tsuyoshi! 😘

Kusoyaro Info Dump – Directors, Release Date, and Movie Tickets

More information has dropped for the Atarashii Chizu movie, Kusoyaro to Utsukushiki Sekai (The Bastard and The Beautiful World)!

Four stories full of bastards.
Episode 1 through episode 4 will be organized in short omnibus style. The directors and actors per episode are as follows.
Episode 1 – Sion Sono and Goro Inagaki
Episode 2 – Kenji Yamauchi and Shingo Katori
Episode 3 – Hikari Oota and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
Episode 4 – Yuuichi Kodama and Kusoyaro★ALL STARS

The official fan site says to expect a miracle collaboration!

Sion Sono

Sion Sono began his career at 17 as a poet and began making movies in his 20s. His films include “Love Exposure” and “Himizu.” He’s been praised for his work both domestically and overseas. His style is an expression of grotesque, violent, sexual depictions interweaved in serious works, from slapstick comedy to rap musicals. His movies have also won numerous awards at international film festivals.

Kenji Yamauchi

Kenji Yamauchi is the chairman of the theatrical unit, Shiroyagi no Kai. He won both the Theatre Akutagawa Prize and 59th Kishida Prize in 2015 (these are industry awards for literature and playwrights respectively.) His movie directing debut was in 2011 with Mitsuko Kankaku, a black comedy, delicately exploring the irrationality and humor in human relationships.

He’s also a commercial director, responsible for Softbank’s Shirato Family commercials as well as Sega’s Hidekazu Yukawa Dreamcast commercial series. Kenji Yamauchi even worked with Shingo before on a Softbank commercial as well as “Chiryou” in Smap Short Films.

Hikari Oota

Hikari Oota is a member of Bakushou Mondai and has worked together with SMAP in the past. He’s declared himself a big fan of theirs and was in charge of the lyrics for “We are SMAP!” The only movie he’s directed was in 1991, an omnibus called “Bakayaro! 4 YOU! Omae no koto da yo.”

Yuuichi Kodama

Yuuichi Kodama has directed many PVs for famous artists, including Ringo Sheena, Perfume, and DAOKO. Most importantly, he directed the splendid Karei naru Gyakushu (Splendid Counterattack) PV for SMAP.

Release Date

The movie is out on April 6 for a two-week limited release across Japan in 86 theaters!

Buying Tickets

If you are a NAKAMA, you can pre-order 4 tickets through the website. The price is 5,600 yen + shipping (800 yen in Japan, 2,200 yen international). You’ll also receive a mini clear file set of 3 and one postcard. Details (in Japanese) on purchasing the movie ticket vouchers (and how to use them) are located here. I’m not sure how well the vouchers will work for international fans traveling to Japan for the movie, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

You can also watch Goro talk about all this on the Atarashii Chizu official YouTube channel.




SNS Roundup Dec 4-10 – Happy Birthday Goro

Here’s the roundup of the last few days of SNS posts. Tsuyoshi is a fresh meat fairy, the guys share their love with the world, but most importantly: it’s Goro’s birthday!! 🎂

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