Official “Tsuyopon” Spelling? つよぽん?ツヨポン?つよポン?[UPDATE]

I don’t know how many people are really interested in knowing how to spell Tsuyopon, but we’ve been given an official answer in SMAP POWER SPLASH on March 8, 2015!

Two weeks ago on Sunday morning, I rolled over and saw Twitter was… atwitter with a bunch of “Tsuyopon” tweets. I was curious because I love Tsuyoshi and wanted to know what had happened. But it was also Sunday morning so I rolled back over and fell asleep without solving that mystery.

Well, it turns out – the big hoopla was that a listener wrote in asking how to spell Tsuyopon. Tsuyoshi provided the official spelling: つよポン. Mix of hiragana  (つよ) and katakana (ポン).

Shingo said he wrote “Tsuyopon” with whatever he felt like at the time when blogging, but I guess from now on it’ll need to be つよポン!

Yes! An official spelling! It means some of us have to go around and update any ‘misspellings’ we may have… 😉

Oh, and @tamako4024 tweets a lot about Tsuyoshi and has some really cute drawings… so follow!


Forget the official spelling. I can’t remember the exact episode, but in a later SMAP POWER SPLASH airing, Shingo complained that using つよポン didn’t seem natural. So the official spelling now? Whatever you want. Thanks Tsuyopon!

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