Nov 9 SNS Roundup – Lips, Jealousy, and Kurumi’s First Outfit

SNS roundup! The guys didn’t disappoint today either! They’re so wonderful. Goro keeps playing up the jealousy angle. Though maybe he isn’t really playing it up, as he’s never been shy about his jealousy about ShinTsuyo’s relationship.

But enough of that, time for the roundup. Today is a little bit different. I’m going to see how chronological order works because @ingkgrofficial, @ksngtysofficial and @ktrsngofficial now talk to or about each other.

This is the first time I’ve been this close to Katori-kun. I still can’t believe it! But it’s true~ ❤❤❤ #ShingoKatori #OjaMAP!! #SugakoHashida

It’s Sugako Hashida-sensei~!
That’s great! You look like you’re having fun!
Send her my regards.
By the way, you left at 4!?
Good luck~!

[@ktrsngofficial] @Today’s Kurumi. Since it’s cold, this is her first time being dressed up! Woof! @ #TsuyoshiKusanagi#ShingoKatori#GoroInagaki

😱😰😓 I caught Shingo up in lips! I’m sorry. I’m learning. 🙏🙏🙏

So those two are still getting along well…
I’m lost in the thought that Italian maestro Michelangeli playing Chopin’s waltz with the current sunset is too perfect. (°▽°)Oh, what a lovely, warm sunset!
Kuru-chan doesn’t need clothes, k? (^^)

Hoho~ this is unexpected. I looked out at the sunset just now too.

What’s “caught up in lips”? #ShingoKatori

It looks like it’s ‘caught up in replies’, huh?
Let’s meet up for a real SNS study group soon. And Goro-san, as for today~
Because it was pretty cold, it was nice Kurumi had clothes! Anyways, everyone 😜😜🤗🤗 this great night.

Huh? I’m with Goro-chan tody too?! #ShingoKatori #GoroInagaki #CaughtUpInLips

Ameba Blog Translation Continuation of Yesterday
We’re also shooting today.
A rare shot with the two of us ^_^
From movies to music and loving new fads, we unexpectedly have a lot in common!

#By the way, Shingo and Goro-san are together!

Goro’s Ameba Blog Translation Commonality

A little while ago, Katori-kun and I talked about something we suddenly remembered we had in common.

In the past, to the Japanese brand sneakers I wore (likely an homage to Converse All Star), he said “I have a pair too! They’re great, right?!” This doesn’t happen often, but I’m so glad we had something in common to talk about.
Somehow, I just happened to wear this sneaker today!!
This is a friend’s brand.
Things you like don’t change, ne?
Are you jealous Tsuyopon? LOL


In Japanese, リプ (ripu) is short for a reply. Tsuyoshi accidentally replies to Shingo with Kurumi’s outfit, when he meant to do a new Tweet. He apologizes for it, as Shingo now gets all of the replies that are meant for Tsuyoshi, but instead of using the word reply, he uses the word リップ (rippu), which means lips. Fans latch onto it and Tsuyoshi’s original mistake becomes the hashtag #巻き込みリップ. He’s apologizing for getting Shingo “caught up in all the replies/lips.” It’s just silly fun at Tsuyoshi’s expense.

Notes have been edited, as I’m also learning more about SNS and what was intended as the meaning behind 巻き込みリプ. 😅

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