Nov 27 SNS Roundup – Mad Photoshop Skills

I’m really sorry I can’t keep up with these guys. 😭 I’ll do what I can when I can, but… they are moving so fast!

Not that I’m complaining about that! We got a hilarious night of back and forth photo editing between Shingo and Goro. 🎨

I don’t use an app to draw on my Instagram photos. In the iPhone photo editor, inside the circle, there are 3 markers, pen markers. You use a feature called mark up. I’m doodling.

Of course, there would be people that do the same with my photos.
It makes me happy.^_^

This feature?! I like it!
#Today’s Kurumi

Lohas brothers #Lohas Brothers #Shingo Katori

Goro’s Night – blog post about Hiro-kun once again visiting, and their meal of fresh vegetables and wine (full translation to come if time permits)

I tried to copy Shingo-kun (°▽°)


Tonight it won’t be wine, but your sense I’ll be drunk on
I’d like to switch places with you for a day (°▽°)


#Lohas Prince

Please upload artwork like this to Instagram, and not the suspended ceiling.

Please upload artwork like this to Instagram, not something like the suspended ceiling. #GoroInagaki #ShingoKatori

Let’s keep playing like this forever.
Tomorrow too.
Lohas going to sleep.

Good night ✨

I’m not asleep yet!
You two are playing? I’d regret it so I stayed up late!
Good night. I’m sleeping too. See you tomorrow.

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