Nov 26 SNS Roundup – Bokura no Jidai

For the November 26th roundup, most of the tweets come from Shingo and his live tweeting during Bokura no Jidai.

Plus, Goro’s beautiful blog entry. (^_^)

The day of Bokura no Jidai recording was over a week later, but it seems the damage from 72 hours is there. My voice is raspy, and my voice didn’t come out, even so, that was probably the first I was that relaxed for a TV guest appearance.

#Bokura no Jidai #ShingoKatori

Bokura no Jidai is starting. #Bokura no Jidai #ShingoKatori

[[Goro Blog Post – Goro’s Morning]]

Good morning.
Thank you for all the comments yesterday.
I was surprised by the number of comments…
There were many comments saying I shouldn’t force myself, and only update at my own pace. Once again, I was moved by your heart’s tenderness.
I received many ideas and will reference them in the future. (^_^)
[[Photograph of rising sun through trees]]
Cold air embraces the park.
Somehow, I find cold weather pleasant.
The sun has climbed up.
Have a great Sunday ^_^

They are using my Instagram photo.

The glasses are mine, Thom Browne.
I take them off in the middle.

Super relaxed job, 0 mood Shingo

Taking-glasses-on-and-off-too-much idol

After the Bokura no Jidai recording, the three of us went out to eat at a place I knew. A show and food, it was a ton, ton of fun! Next time, Woody should join!
#Bokura no Jidai #ShingoKatori

Thank you Bokura no Jidai #Bokura no Jidai #ShingoKatori #KojiYamamoto #Amanocchi

Cartier Gallery
Until today
#Cartier #ShingoKatori



Over 900k followers!
Thank you! #ShingoKatori

An electric city
#Tokyo Tower #ShingoKatori

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