Nov 24 SNS Roundup – Culture x Parasports

The NHK special for Paralympics with Shingo airs. Do Goro and Tsuyoshi watch?

Friday, November 24th broadcast, from scratch special “CulxPar~Paralpymic ga Hiraku Shinsekai~”

There’s a lot of areas where people can’t watch it, isn’t there… Those in areas that can watch, watch for those that can’t! #CulPara #ShingoKatori #NHK #Area

I bought on Amazon a mobile battery similar to? the same as? the one used during 72 hours! At the same time it arrived, a battery case present came from abema-san!
Thank you!
What do I do?
Which do I use?



Do your best at work or school! Ohasumi!

Halfheartedly give it your all.

Don’t die. Just enough is fine.

On sale today! Good night! #ShingoKatori #gq #gqjapan

Good morning.
GQ is on sale today!
I hope everyone receives their copies soon!

The weather is nice today!
Everyone, let’s work hard at work!

The weather is very nice.
Isn’t it ideal weather to walk Kuru-chan? (^ ^)

It is! But it gets cold at night!

It does!
It seems it’s particularly cold on the sea of Japan side and Hokkaido.
Everyone, please stay warm as to not catch a cold.

That’s all from Lohas brothers (^_^)

I want to see the GQ magazines lined up in bookstores. You can buy magazines online too. If you order Japanese magazines online, do they arrive right away? I wonder how many days it takes? Tell me world

It looks like Shingo-chan is awake too.

Culture and Parasports

[[Goro Blog post about his vacation to Saku, Nagano. It’s very long and if I have time, I’ll come back to translate it later.]] 

Gorochi, if you are in an area you can watch Karupara, watch. And Hiro-kun too.

I wonder if Tsuyochi is also in an area he can watch

Of course, I’m watching. (^ ^)
We’re watching together.

This is fun

How are the clothes Shingo wearing made???

Ah, I’m sorry.
There are areas that cannot watch the program, and I made an insensitive comment.

But… it is a wonderful program.

To know para-sports from culture. It was a wonderful program.

Watch Bokura no Jidai on Sunday. Koji Yamamoto called myself and Amanocchi! #Bokura no Jidai

I missed Karupara!
Shingo, I’m sorry! I wasn’t ready!
Sorry, so sorry.

Note: The apology was done using ‘mengo mengo’, which is an older, not very sincere way to say sorry.

Looks like there’s a rerun!
I’ll record it!

Bokura no Jidai is on early. Can I wake up? Will I be awake? #Bokura no Jidai

“Mengo gomengo” or “mengo mengo” which one is correct?
I’m curious about these kinds of things (°▽°)

Sorry Shingo.

Note: Shingo used ‘mengo’ for sorry here.

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