Nov 22-23 SNS Roundup – GQ Men of the Year

Here is a combination of the tweets from the 22nd and 23rd, mostly surrounding the GQ awards!

“Oyaoha” poll has ended! Announcement of Results!


From now on, OHASUMI will be used.

However, “Oyayou” was a close competitor, so at times I’ll twitter “oyayou” too.

Now then, I will use it tonight as well
Ohasumi world!

#Ohasumi Victory #Ohasumi World

Tell me, world. Cartier’s official Twitter posted my picture! How do I upload it myself? Reply? Caught up in lips? #Cartier #Tank100

How do I quote a tweet?

Thank you Cartier!
Thank you so, so much! #Cartier #ShingoKatori

Oooh, my first quoted tweet? I was nervous! I did it, right? Thank you world!! Fuu~ #First Quoted Tweet

[Ohasumi] Ohasumi

To be used when you don’t know, or can’t decide if it is good morning or good night.

*Can’t sleep?
*When will you sleep?

Use when these questions pop into your head.

#Ohasumi #ShingoKatori

How are you #art #artwork #art #drawing

Oyayou(^ ^)

The Cartier painting is amazing. #Shingokatori #For me Oyayou won

Good morning world.

Lately, I’ve been liking yellow? #shingokatori

We received GQ Men of the Year 2017! I’m grateful!
Thank you!
From here on too, we’ll believe in new possibilities and head forward!
Everyone, please continue to support us!
#TsuyoshiKusanagi #ShingoKatori #GoroInagaki #AtarashiiChizu

GQ JAPAN! MEN OF THE YEAR 2017! #shingokatori #goroinagaki #tsuyoshikusanagi #gq

They said there will be a live relay of the award ceremony!
On YouTube! #GQJAPAN #ShingoKatori

GQ Award Song!

GQ. Men of the year award ceremony.
GQ. Men of the year award ceremony.
I was nervous~

GQ Award Song 2!

GQ Men of the Year award ceremony~
Shingo-chan, Goro-chan, Tsuyopon
Even though we started from nothing, we won

The friendly and cool Takumi Saitou-san. We talked about movies now and it was fun! #ShingoKatori #gq #gqjapan

We received an amazing, honorable award.
Thank you very much!
Together with everyone, we were able to paint a lovely picture on a pure white map.

That’s right. We were able to paint a lovely picture on a pure white map. It’s a wonderful, giant picture, isn’t it? I’m so happy I don’t have words. I do. I’m happy, this is great, thank you, I’m grateful. But, you know, I’m so happy I’m scared. But right now, it’s okay. I’m happy, it’s great, thank you, I’m grateful. A moment like this is good. Let’s smile tomorrow too.

That’s right! It was a happy award ceremony.
You know, I was so happy to be among those nine men!
First, with “Kuso Yaro to Utsukushi Sekai” I want to put a giant rainbow on our new map! Good night

My clothes maniac master, Suke-san! Tomoki Sukezane-san! He gave us the cool GQ look! #TomokiSukezane #gqjapan #gq #Glasses Shingo

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