Nov 20 SNS Roundup – Tweet Storm Aftermath

Oh boy. In case anyone missed it, Tsuyoshi went Twitter crazy yesterday with live tweeting during the 7.2 Hour Honne TV rebroadcast special.

Now he has to live with the aftermath of embarrassment, Shingo’s anger, and Goro’s amusement.

Good morning.

Thank you for watching Honne TV yesterday.
The many comments from you all warmed my heart.

Did you enjoy the three of us live on SNS?
Wasn’t Kusanagi-san’s barrage of love filled tweets amazing at the end? LOL
Katori-san got angry with him~

Well, it’s the start of the week.
Isn’t it difficult to turn on the switch Monday morning with the weather like this?

[photograph of flowers]

Everyone, have a warm and relaxed mind^_^

#Goro Inagaki #Monday Morning

Last night I got too excited.
I’m sorry! 🙏Sorry sorry🙏
Watching the broadcast at home, I got caught up in lips with all of you! It’s because we were having together a historic moment together, I saw it through until the end! I was going around in circles. 🙇🙇Sorry sorry🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️
Today on is really Honne Loss.

Note: Tsuyoshi really used his “caught up in lips” mistake that became so popular earlier this month.

In order to hang out again
and have a ton of fun with everyone, I’ll work hard for the next time! Please do your best at work too, okay! 🙆‍♂️ 👯‍♂️👯👯‍♂️🙆‍♀️

Today I’m able to do my best. Are you?

#Shingo Katori

Life is always a repeat of today and tomorrow. Let’s live with respect these two days.

#Shingo Katori

He came to see my painting at Cartier. Matching watches. TANK called. I was surprised! Love you! Thank you!

#Shingo Katori
#Shosen Shiawase Nante Jikoshinkoku

Note: Shosen Shiawase Nante Jikoshinkoku is the title of Kimimaru Ayanokouji’s latest book. The Instagram picture is both Kimimaru and Shingo’s TANK watches.

Life is a repeat of today and tomorrow.

If you can graciously live tomorrow to the fullest, you might be able to change that memory of a slightly difficult day(^ ^)

Yes, well done Shingo-kun~(^。^)

Oh, so those were master’s words.
I apologize.

Please let me join the matching wristwatch NAKAMA(^。^)

Note: Master here refers to Kimimaru Ayanokouji.

Let’s go to bed early for tomorrow’s sake!
Since it’s cold, let’s have a soak in the bath!
Good night everyone.
Life is a repeat of today and tomorrow?
Well then, see you tomorrow! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

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