Nov 19 SNS Roundup – Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning

Trying to go back and catch the days I’ve missed for the SNS roundups.
Here are all the tweets for Nov 19th, prior to the special live tweeting frenzy during 7.2 Hour Honne TV.

Even if you exclude all of the tweets during the live tweet storm, the 19th is probably one the guys’ most active SNS day since the original 72 hour broadcast. I mean, they all freaking say good morning to each other! 💞

Tell me world, how can I attach tags for the brand names of the clothes I’m wearing on uploaded Instagram pictures?


All the different ways seem difficult, I’ll have to properly study a little bit more…

#ShingoKatori #Tagging

I couldn’t tag the one I wanted, so I’ll upload without it.

#ShingoKatori #uq #ukyu

Note: Shingo started using uq here for upload instead of the ‘up’ slang for upload. From below on, if the translation says ‘uq,’ it’s referring to upload. I think.

Morning uq!

#ShingoKatori #cartiertank #uq

Morning uq
A refreshing morning is Velvet Underground
“Sunday Morning” ♪

Listen to the song~(°▽°)

I seems I got the Cartier tag… After uqing to Instagram, I edited the tag. You can attach it right? The official account. The blue jagged circle check is
the official account, right? Should I try? What should I do?

#Shingo Katori #Cartier #Blue Jagged Circle with a Checkmark inside

Goro-chan, ohha~!


Shingo-chan, Ohha~♪!


I could tag Cartier!! Congrats world! Thank you world! Thank you Goro! I’m honored to declare that November 19, 2017 is annivarsary of Shingo Katori tagging his first brand while listening to Sunday Morning by Velvet Underground!!

#Blue Jagged Circle with a Checkmark inside #ShingoKatori #Goro Inagaki

Cartier tag?
Whaaat is that?
Everyone, good morning!
Hasn’t it been a good morning~
#Cartier Blue Jagged Tag?

OH! Tsuyopon, ohha!

This is so cool!
It came with a tag~
#72 Hour Honne TV

Shingo! Ohha~!
It’s rare for you to be up this early! Did you not sleep?
🙄 🙄 🙄
#72 Hour Honne TV

You said came with a tag? Amazing Tsuyopon. What is that? But SNS is amazing. Yesterday? Two days ago? Koji Yamamoto said it. “Even though I frantically stole your phone number, you’re connected with the world. What the hell?”


Goro-san. Sunday morning。
It’s a good song.
Alright! Today too, let’s go forward with energy!
Starting at 5PM, enjoy the 72 Hour Honne TV Rebroadcast!
#Look Forward to 72 Hour Honne TV Rebroadast Unaired Footage!

That’s right! We’re directly connected to the world!
#72 Hour Honne TV Rebroadast Unaired Footage

Today? Tomorrow? [Unaired Scenes & Trending Moments in 7.2 Hour SP]starting at 5 PM. Broadcast on [AbemaPremier Channel]! Let’s watch together world, okay?! Even World NAKAMA that can’t watch, while watching I’ll be here and on Instagram, let’s have fun together! Goro-chan, Tsuyopon, you too!
#HonneTV #ShingoKatori #GoroInagaki #TsuyoshiKusanagi

When will I be sleeping?
Who am I
Where am I
I don’t know!
Right now is GREAT!!!!!

#ShingoKatori #Overslept #Oyayou

Looking forward to tonight~
Will there be repeat trends?
Everyone, please watch.

#72 Hour Honne TV #Suspended Ceiling

Isn’t this great! Tweeting in real time with everyone caught up in lips! Let’s do it!‍
#72 Hour Honne TV Rebroadcast Unaired

Oyayou or ohasumi!? I wonder which is better~

#Oyayou #Ohasumi #Which is Better #ShingoKatori #TsuyoshiKusanagi #GoroInagaki

That’s right. Tsuyopon did it during the 72 hours. How do you use Twitter’s poll feature?

#Oyayou #Ohasumi

First Poll Commencement
[1] Oyayou
[2] Ohasumi

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