Nov 15 SNS Roundup – TV & Radio & Internet

A hectic day of radio shows, Shingo asking fans about Twitter etiquette, and flu shots.

I know I missed Nov 14th, but I will swing back around and translate those posts as soon as I can.

Editor-in-Chief Goro Inagaki

Today is a calm day warmed by the rays of sunshine.
Since tonight looks to be much colder, please stay warm.
Today I’m recording for radio.
[[picture in studio and close up of Goro wearing a hat]]
No, I will not take off my hat…
Everyone have an enjoyable evening.

The smoked chicken Hiro-kun made looked delicious!
I was grateful for Hiro-kun’s company at your wedding reception.
Send him my regards.
#TsuyoshiKusanagi #ShingoKatori #GoroInagaki #72 Hour Honne TV Rebroadcast

#KinkonKankon #KyaryPamyuPamyu #ShigoKatori #GoroInagaki #TsuyoshiKusanagi #BecauseIt’sSchool

Power Splash Now #PawaSupu #ShingoKatori #TsuyoshiKusanagi Watch OjaMAP!!

Now OjaMAP!!
I’m fascinated by Hashida-sensei’s vitality! ^_^
It’s amazing to have dreams and goals no matter how old you become!

Lately, we’ve been able to record in a studio! Radio! #ShingoKatori #TsuyoshiKusanagi #PawaSupu

SNS totally drains your battery, doesn’t it!? #ShingoKatori #Instagrammer #Twitter

That’s right! A studio is really great after all!
#PawaSupu #TsuyoshiKusanagi #ShingoKatori #72HourHonneTV

Cutting my hair. #Nape

Tsuyopon got his flu shot. Everyone, it’s gotten cold, so take care of yourself. #ShingoKatori #TsuyoshiKusanagi #Flu

I have a question for Twitter users. I’m nocturnal and upload in the middle of the night. When I upload, your notifications will ring. Wouldn’t that wake you up if you’re sleeping? Is my inconsiderate nocturnal uploading okay? #ShingoKatori #Nocturnal Life #I Am Always Sleeping #Go To Bed Early

Tomorrow’s plan.
Since it’s become cold, I’m getting my flu vaccination with Hiro-kun.

Is it okay on Instagram too? #Okay¹ #ARI #ArisaMizuki

This is a fast decision, but it’s okay to upload in the middle of the night to both Instagram and Twitter!
So I’ll do it!
But moderately. I break contact forever when I sleep.
Let’s enjoy every day together! #ShingoKatori #Arisa

This is “before” my hair cut and color change. #ShingoKatori #Hair #god² #with Hiro-kun

This is “after” #ShingoKatori #HairCut #MoriKattsu

Another “After” Back of nape cut. #ShingoKatori #TheNeck

Translation Notes

¹When Shingo is asking his tweeting in the middle of the night is okay, he used the word “ari” for “okay.” This morphed into spelling one of his best friends’ names, Arisa Mizuki.

²Shingo used the kanji for ‘god’ instead of the kanji for ‘hair,’ but both are pronounced the same way. It probably serves as some pun that I don’t understand, so I didn’t try to translate it.  I left the #god tag there just to keep it lined up.


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