Nov 12 SNS Roundup – Hiro-kun’s Cooking

November 12th was a quiet day, with Goro being the only one to post on his blog.

It looks like they might all be relaxing and taking a break. Finally.🙂

Hiro-kun’s Cooking

“Goro-chi, let’s smoke meat in the garden!”

I received a LINE message from my close friend on a quiet, sun-soaked afternoon.

I went to Hiro-kun’s house.

I brought along [[picture of champagne]] a Henri Giraud Code Noir.

It’s an amazing champagne.

I’m honored to introduce the fantastic cook Hiro-kun’s recipe to everyone.

[[Pictures of chicken and bacon]]
[Homemade bacon and smoked chiken]

Start with a seasoning of salt, sugar, allspice, cloves, rosemary, nutmeg, black and white pepper.

Let it pickle overnight.

[[Picture of the seasoned chicken]]

Next soak.

[[Picture of the meats soaking]]


[[Picture of the meats about to be smoked]]

Finally, begin smoking. Wait time of 3 hours.

That’s his pet dog, Donald.

[[Picture of Donald and Hiro-kun manning the grill]]

To evenly smoke the meat, turn throughout the process.

Donald is also very interested in the process.

And the sun has set.

[[Picture of Goro, Hiro-kun, and Donald]]


However, if you don’t leave overnight, the deliciousness will not come out, so we cannot yet eat tonight. LOL

Everyone, please have a beautiful night.


Goro spent the entire post going through this process for these amazing smoked meats and… they don’t even get to eat them yet? LOL indeed. 😂



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  1. Thanks for the round ups on your blog. I get the general idea but your translation is better! Have you seen the latest Ojamap promo vid? The fight for who the real youtuber is seems to be on!

    1. You’re welcome! I’m really afraid I won’t be able to keep up with how fast the guys tweet, but I’m trying for now. ^^’

      Yes! I love the latest OjaMAP video. Shingo has his real debut! YouTuber Katori!! Hahahaa. In the latest Power Splash, Tsuyoshi said he’s in meetings about what to do next for YouTube and for us to look forward to it, so he isn’t ready to lose his YouTuber title.

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