Nov 11 SNS Round Up – Skulls, GPS Snafu and SmaStation Reunion

I seriously didn’t think the guys would tweet during the weekend. I figured it’d just be something they’d do while on the job. I’m glad to be wrong!

Here’s the roundup from the 11th, where Shingo goes to a party without the others, Goro accidentally leaves his GPS on, and Tsuyoshi is just relaxing with Kurumi.

In between two beauties. #HonneTV #HonneLoss #Barbie #NatsuAndou #ShingoKatori

When was this? When Tanaka-san was singing? #BakushoMondai #HikariOota #HonneTV #HonneLoss #ShingoKatori

😜It’s already been a week?!
But our singing was really bad. Especially me.  😱😱
#HonneLoss #TsuyoshiKusanagi #ShingoKatori #GoroInagaki

It’s cold tonight, I hope no one catches a cold~

I don’t take off my socks inside.
Speaking of socks, lately, I’ve been into five-toe socks.
But they take time to put on and this morning I got frustrated. LOL

I wonder if there’s a way to put them on quickly?

@ Thank you! I reached 800000 followers!
I’m counting on your support! @ #IAmPracticingGuitarAndSinging. #TsuyoshiKusanagi #ShingoKatori #GoroInagaki #CongratsMoriOnFirstPlace!

Oh, that’s right. I received a mug from Kusanagi-san that matches the skull cap he’s wearing. 💀

I’m having our first celebration dinner with the staff that leant us their strength during the 72 hours. But Inagaki and Kusanagi aren’t here.
#HonneTV #HonneLoss

#AsExpectedOfGorosan! Of course! #ByTheWay, Shingo is eating with the 72-hour staff! #ByTheWay! We didn’t hear! Goro-san.
#TsuyoshiKusanagi #ShingoKatori #GoroInagaki #MoriKunCongratsOnFirstPlace!

[[Deleted Tweet from @ingkgrofficial with GPS information removed]]
Eeh, we weren’t invited…
My blood flow increased suddenly and I tried taking off my socks inside out. 💀
Thank you, Katori-kun.
Please give everyone my regards.

[[On Goro’s last tweet, he accidentally left his GPS location on. Fans warned him in their replies. This is in response to that.]]
Thank you for the warning.
I’m sorry to worry you..
I’ll be careful from now on…

What happened Goro-chan? Are you okay? Everyone really helps us!

Strawberries in the campaign
Everyone told me I should upload it since it’s instagenic!

#GoroInagaki #HonneTV #HonneLoss #ShingoKatori #GorosLocationInformation #IsYourLocationInfoOkay?

I deeply apologize.

It’s as Katori-kun said, all of you help us. I’m deeply grateful for all the comments I received in an instant from you all.

Everyone, good evening! I’m Shingo Katori! Today is Saturday, November 11th. Currently, it is cloudy here in Tokyo. The temperature is 13 degrees.
It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to meet with Oshita-san. We’re sharing a meal together! I love you Oshita-san! #Oshita-san #ShingoKatori #ILoveYou

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