Non-SMAP fans have fallen for Goro Inagaki

Goro was a live radio guest on WEEKEND SHUFFLE with Utamaru from RHYMESTER. I didn’t listen live, but seeing the positive Goro comments from fans of Utamaru’s program, I had to see what the fuss was about.

#utamaru tweets

First, here are some of the tweets from non-SMAP fans. None of these people are following Goro, Shingo, or Tsuyoshi on Twitter. They also don’t follow any of the same SMAP fans I follow.

To SMAP, Atarashii Chizu, Goro Inagaki fans!
I’ve fallen in love with Goro Inagaki after listening to him on Tamafull!

You guys were right!
Goro is great!

Wait a minute SMAP, Atarashii Chizu, and Goro Inagaki fans!
I got an unbelievable amount of retweets and likes for saying that I fell for Goro Inagaki after listening to him on Tamafull!

Well, to be honest, with the activities around “Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana” I also thought SMAP fans had real power!
You guys were right!

By the way, I also love “Kimi to Boku no Rokugatsu”!

I’ve always been a foolish old man living his life keeping distance from Johnny’s, but with yesterday’s broadcast, I became a Goro fan. LOL

Because Goro is too awesome, this time I’ve decided to buy an advance movie ticket.

To think that Mr. Goro Inagaki is such an interesting person! I’m going to the theater to see his new movie SHAKIN!

Goro Inagaki is a different person than I thought. (I mean it as a compliment.)

What I learned today: I can believe Goro Inagaki!!! #utamaru

I ended up ordering anan because of Goro-chan and Utamaru-san’s passionate dialogue. No regrets!!!

Note: anan has Goro’s monthly movie review column

A co-ed prince came to the boy’s club but it wasn’t awkward. If it’s Goro-chan, he’s welcome.

Goro Inagaki has a bright, “good voice”

I’m not a fan, but listening made me a bit happy.

Thank you and I want to root for you!

Why all the praise?

So where was all this praise coming from?

I listened to the live Utamaru segment to find out……

……and Goro was passionate about movies with guns. A lot of movies were discussed, mostly (all? a lot of?) Western ones ranging from Dirty Harry to Mad Max, and a lot of talk about the guns and cool action scenes. And I’ll be totally honest, it was almost an hour and I had trouble paying attention. LOL

But I can see why a Goro talking about action movies and the guns in them doesn’t mesh well with his public persona. But it turns out, thanks to Utamaru’s WEEKEND SHUFFLE, a lot of action-loving guys learned that in a addition to making frilly blog posts with photos of flowers, Goro Inagaki is also a guy who likes guns and action movies.

To the new fans: Welcome to the Goro fan club. You picked a wonderful time to join.

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