New ShinGoro Commercial + Shingo as Paralympics Navigator

New Commercial Deal with Goro & Shingo

We’re all free. – Goro Inagaki
It’s become surprisingly delicious! – Shingo Katori

Goro Inagaki and Shingo Katori have a new commercial deal with Suntory for their new “All Free” non-alcoholic beer. This marks the first commercial deal for the any of three members. (Tsuyoshi still has Asahi Foods’ Manzoku Bar deal, which is the only deal to have survived through leaving their former company.)

The new All Free will be released in February 2018, with the commercial airing across Japan in the middle of the month. If we’re being told this far in advance, I’m expecting an awesome ad campaign featuring the two of them!

Just like the new “All Free”, they’ve changed and are challenging new things. You can watch their message below.

Shingo Katori as Asahi Shimbun’s Paralympics Navigator

With 1000 days until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Shingo Katori is inaugurated as the Tokyo Shimbun’s Paralympics Support – Special Navigator. Articles in the newspaper will feature stories from athletes, those that support para-sports, and experiences from the Paralympics.

There are already four articles published online:

チーム組むなら「あの2人と」 香取さん、パラ競技挑戦


「これまでと違う共生社会、始まる」 香取慎吾さん

香取慎吾さん「新しい地図持って、前へ」 パラ応援宣言

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