The countdown on Atarashii Chizu reached zero on Christmas Eve, and the guys showered us with presents!!

  • “Group” tweets at midnight
  • 72 now released digitally with helpful how-to videos
  • A 72 dance choreography contest, first prize a meet and greet with the guys!!
  • An announcement of AbemaTV New Year’s special!!!

Merry Christmas Tweets

Celebrities being on Twitter is nothing new, but the way the guys wield it as both an individual weapon and then come together to put smiles on our faces is. ☺

72 Digital Release

The theme song for 72 Hour Honne TV, 72, is now out for download across four digital platforms: Amazon Music, iTunes, Google Music, and recochoku.

For fans not residing in Japan and without Japanese credit cards, Amazon Music and Google Music don’t yet appear to be an option. Some fans reported success with iTunes using Japanese gift cards or JCB credit card. I can personally confirm that recochoku worked with a US credit card (I was also using a Japanese VPN, but I’m unsure if it requires that.)

The guys all took the time to sit down with us and record videos on how to download from all four sources.

Shingo and Recochoku

Goro and iTunes

Tsuyoshi and Google Music

Shingo and Amazon Music

72 Dance Choreography Contest

From December 25-January 25, Atarashii Chizu is accepting entries for dances for 72. It’s for the 2:37-3:38 section of the song only and the grand prize winner will attend a meet and greet with the guys! There will be 5 Zu-kun cushions as honorable mention prizes, but really? It’s all about the meet & greet!!

There are more details here (in Japanese.) If my cannot-dance-self can work up the courage to actually try to enter, I’ll post more details.

AbemaTV New Year’s Live Program

For a short 27 minutes, the guys will once again appear live on AbemaTV for 27Hun Honno Chotto TV (27Hun just a little TV). It airs January 1, 2018, at 0:45. What do they have in store for us?!


I think that covers all the presents from the Atarashii Chizu trio! Phew! They really like to spoil us! Not that I mind!!

With that, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all my fellow NAKAMA!!

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