More information has dropped for the Atarashii Chizu movie, Kusoyaro to Utsukushiki Sekai (The Bastard and The Beautiful World)!

Four stories full of bastards.
Episode 1 through episode 4 will be organized in short omnibus style. The directors and actors per episode are as follows.
Episode 1 – Sion Sono and Goro Inagaki
Episode 2 – Kenji Yamauchi and Shingo Katori
Episode 3 – Hikari Oota and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
Episode 4 – Yuuichi Kodama and Kusoyaro★ALL STARS

The official fan site says to expect a miracle collaboration!

Sion Sono

Sion Sono began his career at 17 as a poet and began making movies in his 20s. His films include “Love Exposure” and “Himizu.” He’s been praised for his work both domestically and overseas. His style is an expression of grotesque, violent, sexual depictions interweaved in serious works, from slapstick comedy to rap musicals. His movies have also won numerous awards at international film festivals.

Kenji Yamauchi

Kenji Yamauchi is the chairman of the theatrical unit, Shiroyagi no Kai. He won both the Theatre Akutagawa Prize and 59th Kishida Prize in 2015 (these are industry awards for literature and playwrights respectively.) His movie directing debut was in 2011 with Mitsuko Kankaku, a black comedy, delicately exploring the irrationality and humor in human relationships.

He’s also a commercial director, responsible for Softbank’s Shirato Family commercials as well as Sega’s Hidekazu Yukawa Dreamcast commercial series. Kenji Yamauchi even worked with Shingo before on a Softbank commercial as well as “Chiryou” in Smap Short Films.

Hikari Oota

Hikari Oota is a member of Bakushou Mondai and has worked together with SMAP in the past. He’s declared himself a big fan of theirs and was in charge of the lyrics for “We are SMAP!” The only movie he’s directed was in 1991, an omnibus called “Bakayaro! 4 YOU! Omae no koto da yo.”

Yuuichi Kodama

Yuuichi Kodama has directed many PVs for famous artists, including Ringo Sheena, Perfume, and DAOKO. Most importantly, he directed the splendid Karei naru Gyakushu (Splendid Counterattack) PV for SMAP.

Release Date

The movie is out on April 6 for a two-week limited release across Japan in 86 theaters!

Buying Tickets

If you are a NAKAMA, you can pre-order 4 tickets through the website. The price is 5,600 yen + shipping (800 yen in Japan, 2,200 yen international). You’ll also receive a mini clear file set of 3 and one postcard. Details (in Japanese) on purchasing the movie ticket vouchers (and how to use them) are located here. I’m not sure how well the vouchers will work for international fans traveling to Japan for the movie, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

You can also watch Goro talk about all this on the Atarashii Chizu official YouTube channel.


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