Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo are featured on the cover of the April issue of JUNON, on sale February 23! It’s been 16 years since they were in the magazine and as a “welcome back” plan, JUNON is featuring them in a 12-page long volume!

Topics include the launch of “Atarashii Chizu” in September, their appearance on AbemaTV, starting on social media, their new start together, and their upcoming movie, Kusoyaro to Utsukushi Sekai.

JUNON had a 60-minute interview with our guys and is publishing the entire thing without cuts!

During the interview, Tsuyoshi looks back to when he was 20 and in the magazine. “If I think about it now, I was a smart-ass and sullen. It couldn’t be helped, but it was kind of an innocence. Lately, I don’t want to forget when I was that age. Last year with launching Atarashii Chizu, we tackled a many new things, and now we’re connected with JUNON once again. Right now, I feel like I can push my way forward with the same feeling of youthfulness from back then.”

Again, the full interview will be in the April issue of JUNON, out next week on February 23!

Source: Inagaki & Kusanagi & Katori, their comeback to JUNON after 16 years!

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