Iitomo Combi on Yorutamori
Iitomo Combi on Yorutamori!!

Iitomo combi on Yorutamori! I’m not sure if it was announced previously that Shingo and Tsuyoshi were also appearing… But from what I could tell, only Nakai was announced. What’s up lately with all these surprise appearances? First SmaStation and now this.

The episode started with just Nakai and then Tamori coming in. Talk continues for awhile, but it turns on Nakai invited a friend. He goes to look, thinking his friend may have gotten lost, and in comes Shingo-chan! A bit surprised to see Tamori.

Shingo's surprised to see Tamori
Shingo’s surprised to see Tamori

And it turns out Shingo also brought along a friend! A friend he left outside? Haha. It turns out to be Tsuyopon! Who is also surprised to see Tamori.

Tsuyoshi is also surprised to see Tamori
Tsuyoshi is also surprised to see Tamori

I will take this moment to go on and on about how handsome Tsuyoshi was looking in his snoopy tee. Maybe it’s the slightly shorter hair or maybe it’s the fact that it was his off day so he wasn’t full-on SMAP’s-Tsuyoshi that day. Regardless, he was looking mighty fine.

It turns out it was his day off and he was shopping in Harajuku when he got a call from Shingo.
Shingo claims that Tsuyoshi was angry for calling him on his day off and hung up.
Tsuyoshi claims that he wasn’t angry and that didn’t exactly happen the way Shingo put it. He was in Harajuku, it was crowded, and people were looking at him…

In perfect Tsuyoshi fashion, he would NOT shut up. Nakai had to play moderator to give Shingo a chance to tell his side of the story.

Nakai playing moderator to give Shingo a chance to talk
Nakai playing moderator to give Shingo a chance to talk

Tsuyoshi still kept talking though, so I couldn’t quite make out what Shingo’s side of the story was. But you can watch the exchange below yourself!

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