After listening to fans saying “half an hour is too short” and “I want a live broadcast,” there will be a one hour, live special broadcast of Goro’s radio show, Editor-in-Chief Goro Inagaki!

The special live hour show will be broadcast on Bunka Housou in Tokyo on December 17, 15:00-16:00 JST.

Shingo and Goro have already commented about the special on Twitter.

On the 17th at 3pm, Goro-chan has a live radio show. Oooh. I’ll make note of it. Yes. Let me write it down. #GoroInagaki #Editor-in-Chief Inagaki Goro #ShingoKatori #Ohasumi

Good morning.
This morning I also woke up to Shingo-san’s good morning tweet ♪
Please look forward to the live radio show!
And thank you for watching Goro Deluxe!!
I hope the day will come when it will reach everyone in the nation 🍎


Editor in Chief Inagaki Goro – Official Site

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