The JDrama Experiment – Spring 2013 – Kasuka na Kanojo #1

So, typical school drama but with a teacher who can see ghosts! Teacher is played by Shingo Katori of SMAP (yes, I will not accept someone in a group called Sexy Zone, but I’ll accept SMAP, so sue me.) Initial Impression – Typical heartwarming school drama. (With ghosts.) I’ll watch again next week.

The JDrama Experiment – Spring 2013 – Detarame Hero #1

So Spring drama season has begun! First one out of the gate: Detarame Hero! Airs Thursday’s on NTV. Initial impression – Silly drama about freeter who ends up with candy that changes him into a superhero for 10 minutes! Will watch again – but I imagine it’ll get stupid quick. Super quick summary:

The JDrama Experiment – Winter 2013 First Impressions

I’ve been trying to type up episode reviews for all the dramas I’m watching… It’s not happening. Too time consuming at this point… So I’ll just have to go with short first impressions for this season’s watch list. Nobunaga no chef (Friday – TV Asahi) nakuna, haru-chan (Saturday – NTV) share house no koibito (Wednesday […]

The JDrama Experiment – Winter 2013 Hopefuls

Revisiting the JDrama Experiment – I’m hoping this year will be easier to keep up with since I can actually watch Japanese TV. Since the drama season has already started, I’ve had the chance to form some initial opinions on some of the shows, but that will come later. We’ll start with all the dramas that […]

The JDrama Winter 2012 Hopefuls

Which dramas will I be checking out from the Winter 2012 season!? Carnation* Stepfather Step Lucky Seven Hungry* Aibou S10 Suugaku Joshi Gakuen Renai Neet ~Wasureta Koi no Hajimekata 13 sai no Hello Work Saba Doru Switch Girl!! Unmei no Hito *Dramas I’ve already seen or partially watched prior to this experiment. The list and […]