Nov 11 SNS Round Up – Skulls, GPS Snafu and SmaStation Reunion

I seriously didn’t think the guys would tweet during the weekend. I figured it’d just be something they’d do while on the job. I’m glad to be wrong! Here’s the roundup from the 11th, where Shingo goes to a party without the others, Goro accidentally leaves his GPS on, and Tsuyoshi is just relaxing with […]

Nov 9 SNS Roundup – Lips, Jealousy, and Kurumi’s First Outfit

SNS roundup! The guys didn’t disappoint today either! They’re so wonderful. Goro keeps playing up the jealousy angle. Though maybe he isn’t really playing it up, as he’s never been shy about his jealousy about ShinTsuyo’s relationship. But enough of that, time for the roundup. Today is a little bit different. I’m going to see […]

Nov 8 SNS Roundup

I really doubt I can keep up with what the guys say on social media, but I’ll try for now. 😊 Goro Inagaki @ingkgrofficial 勉強会中今から二人をフォローします!#稲垣吾郎#草彅剛#香取慎吾 — 稲垣 吾郎 (@ingkgrofficial) November 8, 2017 In group study session. I’ll be following the other two from now! #GoroInagaki#TsuyoshiKusanagi#KatoriShingo Ameba Blog translation Study Group Shooting just finished! Real SNS study session […]

72-Hour Honne TV – 72 Song Medley Finale

While the finale could do nothing to top the reunion with Mori (former member turned motorcycle racer in 1996), Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo went all out for the finale: a 72 song medley. Tsuyoshi said this: “since we have no songs, we’ll borrow the songs of other artists.” It’s not surprising they can’t sing SMAP […]

72-Hour Honne TV – Guests

I spent the last few days watching and digesting 72-hour Honne TV. Now it’s reliving it and going through it over and over again. More information will be coming as I have time to write it up, but for now here’s a list of the main guests. Main Guests Bakusho Mondai Tooru Hashimoto Kimiko Date […]

Introducing Atarashii Chizu Timeline

Check out the start of timeline chronicling the events happening after Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo left Johnny’s. If time permits, I’ll go back and start adding pieces of the disbanding uproar and the events following. That time was painful though, so I’m not eager to go through it again. For now, I’ll do my best […]

HiRes AbemaTV Promotional Pictures

Here’s a link to an imgur of the high resolution (we’re talking 3000×2002) images of Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo from AbemaTV photo shoot. These were taken from the HuffPost (Japan Edition) interviews with Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo. I put on imgur to save my bandwidth and they are (c) AbemaTV. I just figured some people would […]

Shingo Katori’s artwork at “Museum of Together”

From October 13-31, Shingo Katori is featured as a special artist at the “Museum of Together”, part Nippon Foundation’s DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS project. The project’s aim is recognizing diverse individuality in society. The 22 participants include disabled and contemporary artists. Two of Shingo’s pieces will be on display. Below are a collection of translations […]

Atarashii Chizu – New Map – Official Launch! 10/16

At 3AM JST, the Atarashii Chizu fan site officially launched. The site got slammed. I could barely get it loaded, but it’s much better now. First thing – we didn’t get the SHOP yet. But it says coming soon! That was disappointing, but it’s okay… Better question is, what did we get? CHIZULOG CHIZULOG is […]