ShinTsuyo Power Splash 12/3 Highlights

Another Sunday, another ShinTsuyo POWER SPLASH! For as high energy as Tsuyoshi started, it was actually a really mundane night of vacuums and nuts and sexy vintage denim. Well, it was only sexy to Tsuyoshi. He got a bit too excited about that…

ShinTsuyo Power Splash 11/26 Highlights

Listening to Shingo and Tsuyoshi on SMAP POWER SPLASH (and now ShinTsuyo POWER SPLASH) has always been a blast with the exception of 2016 where it was easy to hear depression in their voices. I clung to their voices all of 2017 once they started to sound happy again, hoping they were happy with the […]

Editor-in-Chief Goro Inagaki live radio broadcast! 12/17

After listening to fans saying “half an hour is too short” and “I want a live broadcast,” there will be a one hour, live special broadcast of Goro’s radio show, Editor-in-Chief Goro Inagaki! The special live hour show will be broadcast on Bunka Housou in Tokyo on December 17, 15:00-16:00 JST. Shingo and Goro have […]

New ShinGoro Commercial + Shingo as Paralympics Navigator

New Commercial Deal with Goro & Shingo We’re all free. – Goro Inagaki It’s become surprisingly delicious! – Shingo Katori Goro Inagaki and Shingo Katori have a new commercial deal with Suntory for their new “All Free” non-alcoholic beer. This marks the first commercial deal for the any of three members. (Tsuyoshi still has Asahi […]

GQ Men of the Year 2017 – Inspiration of the Year

Goro Inagaki. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. Shingo Katori. Three of the nine men bestowed with the Men of the Year title for 2017 by GQ Japan. December 31, 2016, SMAP disbandment. September 8, 2017, three former SMAP members, Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and Shingo Katori, leave their former company. The same year, on September 22nd, the three […]