JUNON Welcomes Back Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo !

Goro, Tsuyoshi, and Shingo are featured on the cover of the April issue of JUNON, on sale February 23! It’s been 16 years since they were in the magazine and as a “welcome back” plan, JUNON is featuring them in a 12-page long volume! Topics include the launch of “Atarashii Chizu” in September, their appearance […]

BALLYTURK – Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s Latest Play

On February 7, it was announced that Tsuyoshi will finally be appearing in a play after 3 years. Over the last two or so years, in his monthly magazine column, Okiraku, Tsuyoshi has been very open about his desire for more work, and a play in particular. I’m so happy that it’s finally happening.

Tsuyoshi living in South Korea!….for a documentary!

Tsuyoshi has been staying in a small apartment in South Korea for NHK’s “News na machi ni sundemita!” It’ll air on NHK, March 29th from 10-10:50 PM. Continue reading for more details and Instagram spam from people Tsuyoshi has been spending time with.

Shingo Katori Interview in Weekly Bunshun

In the January 11th Weekly Bunshun, Shingo sat down and gave an interview to “the father of the entertainment industry,” Kinichi Hagimoto, or Kin-chan. Shingo talks about how he felt joining the entertainment industry so young, his relationship with the other SMAP members, up through the decision to start anew in 2017.

Purchase 72 by Atarashii Chizu on Recochoku

(Minor updates made 4/29.) With the digital release of Atarashii Chiuz’s 72, I scrambled to try and figure out how to buy it. The only place I found success was with Recochoku. But here is what else I tried so others know. Amazon Japan – limited to Japan. Japanese credit card is required, even if […]

Merry Christmas from Atarashii Chizu!!

The countdown on Atarashii Chizu reached zero on Christmas Eve, and the guys showered us with presents!! “Group” tweets at midnight 72 now released digitally with helpful how-to videos A 72 dance choreography contest, first prize a meet and greet with the guys!! An announcement of AbemaTV New Year’s special!!! Merry Christmas Tweets Celebrities being […]

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi stars in File 06 of NHK’s Mikaiketsu Jiken!

Tsuyoshi has landed his first drama role on a broadcast network since leaving his former company! It’s episode 6 of NHK’s Unsolved Cases (Mikaiketsu Jiken). The show focuses on re-enactments of past, unsolved crimes. Tsuyoshi has previously served as the navigator for the show, but this year he’s taking on the lead role in a […]

Kusoyaro Info Dump – Directors, Release Date, and Movie Tickets

More information has dropped for the Atarashii Chizu movie, Kusoyaro to Utsukushiki Sekai (The Bastard and The Beautiful World)! Four stories full of bastards. Episode 1 through episode 4 will be organized in short omnibus style. The directors and actors per episode are as follows. Episode 1 – Sion Sono and Goro Inagaki Episode 2 – […]