Atarashii Chizu – New Map – Official Launch! 10/16

At 3AM JST, the Atarashii Chizu fan site officially launched.

The site got slammed. I could barely get it loaded, but it’s much better now.

First thing – we didn’t get the SHOP yet. But it says coming soon! That was disappointing, but it’s okay… Better question is, what did we get?


CHIZULOG is the fan club member only section which will contain behind the scenes stuff you wouldn’t normally see elsewhere. They specifically ask you repost the images, so don’t expect those to be floating around on Twitter. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it! It’s open to international fans too!

(The first CHIZULOG is a behind the scenes photo of the guys doing the AbemaTV sports day shot… the one in gym clothes. It’s so bad, it’s hilarious. Again, join if you haven’t!)

The Bastard and The Beautiful World – Spring 2018

The big announcement came in the form of… A MOVIE. Actually, a movie with NAKAMA. We don’t know yet what the capacity fans will be involved in making this movie, but the title is: The Bastard and The Beautiful World and will be out Spring 2018. Official site is Try loading the site multiple times to see the many different coming soon screens!


The announcement of #PukkuriNews. This one is kind of hard to translate, but it’s kind of like ‘full of news’. You are supposed to share things that surprise you, scare you, heal you… really, anything that movies you. Share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) using the #ぷっくりニュース tag. Each month, there will be a “Pukkuri News” article and from it a monthly “Pukkuri Of The Month” winner getting a small prize. At the end of the year, they are planning for a “Pukkuri Of The Year”.

It’s an interesting way to leverage fans and drum up social media activity and interest. We’ll see how it goes!

New MAP Real Start Movie

For me, the highlight of the web site launch was the 2nd in the line of Atarashii Chizu brand movies. Just watch and see translation below.

Let’s go along a pathless track.
We’re not afraid.
If we lose our way, let’s listen carefully for someone’s laughter.
If we believe, we can meet somewhere for sure.
You and I are New Map.

It’s so great. I don’t know what to say at the moment. I’ll just keep watching it over and over again. \(≧□≦)/

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