Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Yusuke Santamaria’s Pussuma will reach 900 episodes on October 27, 2017. The commemorable 900th episode will have guests Tomonori Jinnai and Rika Adachi. Below is a translation from TVLife’s online article with interview with Tsuyoshi and Yuusuke.

Q: First, how does it feel to broadcast 900 episodes?

Tsuyoshi: To believe it’s continued this long… There are probably people who thought the show would’ve ended a long time ago, but we’re still going…

Yuusuke:  The time slot has changed along the way too.

Tsuyoshi: I’ll take this chance… I want to notify everyone that this show is properly continuing! Since this is a show that continued slooowly, we aren’t all “Hurrah! 900th episode!”. We’re just thankful for all the people who have kindly watched the show.

Yuusuke: If we reach 20 years, it’ll be like the miracles will continue forever.

Q: What have you gained from the broadcast until now?

Yuusuke: Tsuyoshi got his driver’s license on the show. Tsuyoshi also started playing guitar. He’s writing songs now.

Tsuyoshi: That’s right. It feels like this show raised me over the last 20 years.

Yuusuke: I didn’t acquire anything, but before I knew it, this show became like therapy. I come to set without prepping, and it’s comforting to goof around and laugh with the staff and Tsuyoshi who know me.

Q: Last year was the final of Kusanagi’s Squid Club. Is there anything you want to try going forward?

Yuusuke: Were you attached to Squid Club?

Tsuyoshi: I cried when it ended! Why do we get to continue Yuusuke’s corner (Idol Dance Club), but we ended mine? Yuusuke, did you secretly end it? You said you didn’t like boats or traveling far…

Yuusuke: Even so, I didn’t say let’s stop! *laugh*

Tsuyoshi: From now on, I want to go to locations we can’t normally go to.

Yuusuke: I’m fine with the studio. *laugh*

Q: You’ve worked together for a long time, have you influenced and become more like each other in any way?

Yuusuke: There has been. Tsuyoshi and I are different, and I am all “cool!” when he’s completely absorbed in one thing. But even if I’m inspired by seeing Tsuyoshi, I don’t do it. I don’t think things go well for two people with the same interests. I think married couples are probably the same, since they have differences they can always do things together.

Tsuyoshi: Oh, is that so? *laugh*

Yuusuke: When one person runs out of ideas, it’s better for a person who has a different way of thinking to define things.

Tsuyoshi: I see.

Yuusuke: Even so, lately it feels like we’ve become closer. Time has leisurely passed, hasn’t it? We finally even tried having a meal and talking.

Tsuyoshi: Since you’re concerned about the sense of distance, I had to invite you. That’s why coming here, I think we can eat in a natural flow. From now on, let’s give it our all out naturally!

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