With the upcoming 72 Hour Honne TV (or Truth TV as I like to translate it) with Goro, Tsuyoshi and Shingo, some pretty damn awesome promos have been coming out.

The first? A sudden emergency broadcast. It actually aired live on internet at midnight time (my local time, it was actually afternoon for those in Japan). I hadn’t gotten much sleep because this was shortly after the announcement of Atarashii Chizu and I had been trying to figure out a way to watch AbemaTV and record it.

So let’s just say by the time it aired, I was sleep deprived. Yet the promo woke me up instantly, even if it was an over-the-top text-only epic-music-in-background promo.

Emergency Broadcast Announcement Translation

The island nation of Japan will be shaken.
An unprecedented 72-hour live broadcast.
Those three men will appear on AbemaTV.
Goro Inagaki. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. Shingo Katori.
For three days, the three will reveal their true feelings.
In order to tell it like it is, they will open Twitter accounts
and answer real questions from their audience.
And… Instagramer Katori. Blogger Inagaki. YouTuber Kusanagi.
They’ll launch social media accounts along with the start of the program.
A 3 Day Holiday Event in November.
Together with these three honest men,
let’s take the first step together towards a new history.
72 Hour Truth TV
Thursday, November 2 at 9PM

Personal Reaction?

The biggest impact of the announcement? The fact that the guys will be getting Twitter accounts! Goro will start a blog, Shingo will be on Instagram (expected!) and Tsuyoshi will… be a YouTuber?!

Goro blogging makes sense. It seems like it might not make that much sense to Goro himself based on transcripts I saw from his radio show (Editor-in-Chief Inagaki Goro), but it fits his idol image.

Shingo doing Instagram is kind of an obvious choice. Before the SMAP uproar in the beginning of 2016, he was consistently posting to his blog (Shingo Dictionary) under Johnny’s. His posts typically included a picture and text with hidden messages. He took great pride in his pictures, always wanting them to be something he took himself. He appeared on Goro’s variety show, Goro Deluxe, and talked very lovingly about the book collection of his posts, so it’s very obvious how much he enjoyed doing that.

I will say that I was torn and angry when he ended his Shingo Dictionary. Not angry at him, but at the circumstances that caused him to have to shutdown. The final post read as if he didn’t want it to end, but he didn’t feel comfortable with continuing to use the distribution option he was provided (Johnny’s). Him moving to Instagram seems like a long awaited return of Shingo dictionary.

Tsuyoshi and… YouTube!?

The internet blew up with ‘YouTuber Kusanagi’ trending on Twitter in Japan. It even hit #11 on the world wide trends. It was so big that 10-second text-only YouTube promo got over 1 million views within a few days.

I will admit, I pretty much busted out laughing as soon as the ‘YouTuber Kusanagi’ text flashed on the screen.

YouTuber Kusanagi
YouTuber Kusanagi

I love Tsuyoshi, but as a tweet going around put, we’re excited but also very worried. Okay, maybe I’ve mostly been laughing (。 >艸<) And it just gets better and better, as Tsuyoshi revealed on ShinTsuyo Power Splash that he personally is doing the editing and is learning from a YouTube specialist about being a YouTuber!?

I will admit I know nothing about what it is to be a YouTuber. So I have no idea what to expect, but I’m anxious and excited for it!


Oh, and I guess the guys would be doing 72 hours of TV. It’s just funny how much that was overshadowed by the fact they’d be on social media.

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